Sigh i dont know why but every account ive made so far keeps getting deleted ive posted over 300(vidoes gifs and pics combined) fixing my mistakes, apologizing on whatever post i shouldn’t have posted. For some reason, none of that seems to really matter because the same depressing outcome occurs. All the hours upon hours i put into posting the pics, gifs, and vidoes(trying to make them look ethically pleasing) seems to be a waste tme when no matter what i do, the same gosh damn end result occurs over and over again! The amount of shock and frustration from this repeating pattern ( 1.Create,, 3. Get Slapped In the face by a 404 User is not found /retired ) is getting me closer and CLOSER to my breaking point(commiting sucide).All i want to do is post all the worth watching/reading/fapping content that has accumulated in my storage space over the past 10 years. The reason why i choose this website is because it has some ofthe best interface and unique features a porn website can ever a acquire. Its strict rules provde a safe, smooth, and enjoyable atmosphere that sepeartes it from other websites. My only issue though is how it treats its users that post content back to back. If they could add a way to warn and portect the users from an issue or complaint people have with their post ( instead of deleting their account after a certain period of time), more people would be alble to enjoy the wonders the site has to offer, instead of having to constantly remake a new account every 3 months.

Ight Heres some of the content ive posted throughout the years ive been using this site. First lets start with the doujinshi’s:
Okay This Is Starting To Get Really Depressing &am

The Schoolgirl Who Was Groped, and the Perverted Love They Shared Afterwards: This was an incredibly wholesome read

Seriously a Great Must Read Masterpiece

Tags: sole female, schoolgirl uniform, nakadashi, blowjob, full color, ahegao, mosaic censorship , x-ray, mind break, schoolboy uniform, big penis , exhibitionism


Okay This Is Starting To Get Really Depressing &am 2
[Mousou Engine (Korotsuke)] Guuzen Saikai Shita Doukyuusei (Hitozuma) o Otosu Hanashi | The Story of How I Seduced My Old (Married) Classmate After an Unexpected Reunion [English] {darknight}

Another Statisfying Read

Tags: big breasts, stockings,sole female, sole male ,nakadashi, full color, ahegao, mosaic censorship, x-ray, multi-work series, cheating, kissing,


Okay This Is Starting To Get Really Depressing &am 3

[Haneinu] Elf Oyako to Pakopako Ibunka Kouryuu! ~Stella Hen~ [English]

Tags: big breasts, stockings,sole female,sole male, nakadashi, blowjob,full color, ahegao, mosaic censorship, paizuri , milf, x-ray, netorare, cheating , big ass, muscle, big penis,sweating , unusual pupils, huge breasts, condom ,elf, big areolae, moral degeneration, clothed female nude male

Hmm A bit of ntr, but still pretty good


Okay This Is Starting To Get Really Depressing &am 4

Character Species


Good art, Good Plot, and a Splendid Ending


Boku no Harem Academia Series By Juna Juna Juice
Damn tried to make it 3 rows and 2 columns to make it look nice but it doenst allow me to.oh well the show must go on