Old EnoughA work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.

“Is it taboo to want to have sex with your step sister?” I thought as I peeked through the crack in Lindsey’s bedroom door. It didn’t ease my mind that Lindsey had said, “Come to my room after school, I want you to do what my dad was doing to your mom last night,” She made this statement as we sat alone at the breakfast table today.

As I looked in her door this afternoon I saw Lindsey was lying face down on her bed wearing nothing but panties and a thin yellow top. My cock was hard and making a tent in my shorts and without hesitation I pushed my hand under my waistband and rubbed my hard cock. “Would she be pleasured if I slipped my cock into her pussy like her dad did to my Mom? My cock is not as big as his.” I wondered as my cock throbbed in my hand.

I guess I should mention my Mom remarried a couple years after her divorce and her new husband brought his daughter along with him. We were a year apart in age and my hormones were raging that first summer. It had been just Mom and me for those two years and my only inspiration for jerking off was the occasional view of my mom wearing her full brief nylon panties and a bra. More often I would see her coming down the hall in her full slip, silky and swaying seductively as she’d enter the bathroom.

In fact my first orgasm was lying on her bed rubbing her full slip across my bare body. I loved the feel of that slip as its silky fabric swished across my hard cock. Fortunately I had pulled the slip away before my cock spit out the first cum of my life. I was shocked but pleased because my friends bragged about “shooting loads of cum” every time they jerked off. This was my first and I was instantly compelled to repeat the experience.

Now as I looked into her bedroom I could plainly see my step sister wearing full brief panties and I wanted to crawl onto that bed and rub my cock across the silky surface. I wanted to feel my cock sliding along the crack of her ass. I wondered what it would be like to feel her warm bare skin on the underside of my cock while her slippery panties caressed the top side of my erection. I knew none of these things had happed between our parents the night before, buy my mind was filled with my own lust as well as lust for what we both witnessed.

She didn’t move on her bed and my jerking was become more erratic. I wasn’t just enjoying the feel of my hand on my hard cock, I wanted to shoot my cum on her ass. As I jerked I thought of the first day I met Lindsey, she was wearing a crop top and shorts so tight I could see her crease in the front. Guys told me to call it a camel toe but to me it was the crease where all the magic of a woman was hidden.