Older Neighbor Story

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Peter was home from college hardly an hour ago. He knew, his parents were not home and his elder brother was also at college. He looked at his watch, he had more than an hour that his parents would be back home but they were all packed as Pete could see and soon as they walked in, they will have to leave for the airport. What could he do, for an hour? He thought to take the shower. He turned towards the bathroom and the phone rang.

“Hello, is this Peter? I am Amy”! The next door neighbor was calling. “I saw you coming in. Did your parents not tell you that they were going away”? Amy was the neighbor of Peter’s parents for almost 20 years and like an old concerned lady, she kept all the news about the street dwellers or at least the neighbors. Peter told her that he knew his parents were off to their trips and his girl was also gone home. He had nothing much to do at the college and wanted to visit home anyway. “Listen” she said, “If you are not busy tomorrow evening, we shall go out for our own fun evening. I shall wait for you by 7:00 pm. Peter was so tired after the classes during the day that he did not bother to think much and went to his room. He wanted to take a shower but he was woke up by his mother as she and dad came in. They had brought in a pizza and soon after they were done eating, the taxi was outside and Peter helped them load up the luggage and off they went.

Finally, he took a shower and went to bed. Next day, he was reminded of the invitation for the evening. He got ready and arrived on time to get Amy. He almost stopped breathing as he saw her. At, at least close to 55, last time he saw her about a month ago, she had begun to show her age but tonight, she looked hardly close to 30 or even less. She had a slender frame, 5’ 7’’ height. With completely dark brown blond shoulder length hair, small non saggy tits and very sexy long legs and nice round ass, she was looking worth a date. She usually dressed very nice and tonight she had absolutely shocked Peter. He could hardly recognize her. A bit extra but proper make up and red lip stick was awesome looking on her. She was wearing a short white skirt, a silky white blouse and the push up type bra to make her size look a bit larger. With white shiny nylons and white shoes, she truly looked like an expensive hooker. Before Peter opened his mouth, she said, that she had been thinking of having some fun by pretending to be a trashy younger aged woman picked up by Peter. She must had the memory of their old talks in her mind and knew, how much Peter loved to be with relatively older women but she wanted to try something new. What a fucking new and different situation, made peter’s dick hard as steel.