Olympia, Washington - ORAL ALL-STARMy visit to the capital of the State of Washington, Olympia, was not disappointing as your very own LESLIE LANCASTER made me feel extremely welcumed!

Leslie is a bartender in downtown Olympia and after a few hours of serving me (and herself) some drinks, her shift ended and she came over to sit with me. We talked and drank for a few hours as she told me about her boyfriend and how big of an asshole he was being lately. This is the obvious sign to pick up on that a girl is open to play ball so NEVER miss out on this one guys!! I started asking her open ended questions that would allow her to talk about him being shitty and thus allow her to open herself up more and more to having some fun. She talked about how she walked in on him fucking her best friend at home a day after catching him getting blown at work in the walk in cooler. The more Leslie drank the more relaxed she got as she confessed that she has a drinking problem but not to the blackout stage, but simply as a relaxing tool to get through daily stress (like most people).

She then decided that it was time to turn the conversation to flirting and sex as she asked if I liked her tongue ring. I said “OF COURSE” and she laughed. She then told me that she got it because she has an oral fixation and always has to have something in her mouth to suck on and gave me a look. I laughed and said “Well where’s the restroom, I’ve got my camera!” and playfully laughed. She looked at me, downed her shot of tequila, grabbed my hand and led me to the restroom.

Leslie didn’t waste anytime getting me out of my pants and into her mouth. I found her multicolored hair style to be pretty fucking hot and added to her sex appeal. She made me promise to bust a nut in her mouth before we headed off to the restroom because she said “If I’m putting in the work then I should get a fucking reward for my skills!” You have to appreciate a woman that values the reward of having busted nut in her mouth more than being given cash for the act! I honestly believe that when she made that statement my dick started to drip pre-cum because that was one of the hottest things a woman has ever said to me out of the blue like that!

So as Leslie started sucking my cock and working my head with her tongue ring I was getting excited in my head thinking about the load I was going to fire into her mouth and across her tongue. I wanted to blast a huge thick load for Leslie because if anyone deserved that it was her given her dedication to the process. It doesn’t matter how good or bad they are at sucking cock, if they have the mentality of “You better bust a nut in my mouth as a reward for my efforts!” then, to me, they are a fucking GOD SEND and should receive what they wish! Needless to say she sucked out my nut and downed the load instantly like a good cocksucker!