[Note: This was inspired by ‘Robert’, an acquaintance here, who shared with me some very interesting information from an avowed ‘white supremacist’ he has spoken with who, though apparently an unrepentant racist, nevertheless feels that the ‘white race’ is doomed to be subsumed by people of color the world over. Whether this view is justified, or not, I found his anxiety over this…well, very interesting! I just had to take this and run with it! Hope you enjoy it!]

As Marcus sat down on the couch, and opened his lap top, he was already getting a hard on. That tingling, throbbing sensation, was unmistakable; and he leaned forwards to type in the search for his favorite porn site. His fingers flew over the keys hurriedly. Within seconds there it was in full color—it was an ‘interracial cuckolding’ site (one now of so many others that had grown in incredible popularity in only a few short years).

Marcus felt his pulse chugging on either side of his neck, as well as in his chest, as his eyes took in the sights of those amazingly HUGE black cocks that such sites always seemed to show.

Though feeling more than a little sexually excited by what he was seeing in front of him, he also felt conflicted. This was because to the outside world of family, friends, and co-workers, he was known for some rather stridently racist rhetoric. He wasn’t a member of any official racist groups like the Klan, but he held many of their views; but in private life at home (and this had been something slowly becoming more and more of an influence in his private behavior), he was a hypocrite.

To emphasize this, Marcus stood up and slid out of his clothes and sat back down on the couch in front of the coffee table where the lap top was now setting, and began to stroke his cock. As he did, the screen in front of him was showing an attractive young white female ogling, and eagerly fondling, an extremely well-endowed black man!

Marcus let out a low moan as he sat back on the couch as he watched the pretty young white female and the very impressively endowed black man continue to interact, and he continued to stroke his much smaller, and very pale, pink cock. The size comparison between his, and the guy in the video, was striking, and yet, in spite of that, he experienced (and not for the first time) that strange, but extremely powerful, excitement that he had become ese sentially addicted to!

Watching quietly from his reclining position on the couch, Marcus couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of the white female lowering herself down, and then onto, that truly enormous black cock. It was so very mesmerizing. There was no better word for it than that.

“Oh–GOD!” The woman said, as her slender white fingers helped guide that black cock to her pussy. “Fuck me,” she said, and the expression on her face was unmistakably one of unfettered eagerness and anticipation. Marcus let out another low groan and he glanced down at his own pale cock for a second, as he stroked it up and down, and then back up at the other guys ebony shaft—as it slid effortlessly, deeper and deeper, into the young white woman’s vagina.