It was a Monday last year. Spent age’s getting ready. Really nice hair and makeup and my fave outfit. Had arranged with Jake to meet at mine at 10am. Jake’s in his 40’s, 5’10 and a nice 8 inch THICK uncut cock. He’s a regular, we have sex a couple of times a month. Anyway, about 9am i finished getting ready and slid my 10 inch dildo into my hole and pulled my knickers up to keep it in. 10am came round and there was the knock at the door! After spending an hour on the dildo my ass cunt was wet through and gagging for sex. I welcomed Jake with a hug, then as usual he stripped naked in the lounge. I could tell immediately he was really pleased to see me! His cock was ROCK hard. I grabbed hold of it and led him upstairs to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet with Jake stood in front of me, then leant forward and took his beautiful erection in my mouth. God it tasted good. He moaned a little as i proceeded to suck, kiss and lick his shaft. After a few minutes he pulled back and said he was ready. I assumed the position, leaning back against the cistern. Then he started to piss. just trickled on my skirt knickers and stockings at first, but then the floodgates opened!! Jake can piss like a horse! Felt the full force of his piss as it splattered into my face and he started to direct it into my mouth, then slowly down to my tits, filling my cleavage. Felt amazing as the piss ran inside my bra and corset. So much piss! Then it was my skirt and knickers turn for a good soaking. By the time he had finished emptying his bladder I was fucking covered in it and absolutely wet through. Before i knew it, he rammed his cock back into my mouth, still dripping piss and face fucked me. The next bit was fast and rough as usual. He stood me up, turned me round, pulled my piss soaked knickers down, took my dildo out and rammed his cock into me bareback. Another thing about Jake is, he’s not gentle when he’s up me! It’s all about him shooting his spunk inside me asap! I felt like a rag doll as he rough fucked me and actually banged my head into the wall at one point. Then the moment came, the moaning and throbbing started as he pumped his spunk deep inside me. Wonderful!!!!

Jake had only been gone a few minutes when the phone rang. It was Mick another friend of mine, asking if i was free. I apologised as i told him i was soaked in Jakes piss and my cunt was full of his cum. He asked me to change, but i said no! Wanted to spend a couple of hours enjoying the feeling of Jakes piss and spunk. He said ok and said he’d come over anyway as he was desperate. RESULT! :). 30 mins later Mick was stripping off in the lounge!. Mick’s in his 50’s, heavy set, thick 6 inch uncut. cock. I said i was sorry if i smelt of stale piss, but i could tell, looking at his solid erection that it was not a problem! 🙂 Asked if i wanted another piss soaking! YES PLEASE!. Back upto the bathroom. I put towels down on the floor this time and lay face down with Mick stood over me. He started to piss. Felt amazing as it hit my ass. Pulled my cheeks open and felt lovely as it soaked my cunt, He started to work the flow up and down my body. My hair soaked and plastered to my back. I thought Jake’s bladder was full, but bloody hell Mick had done a hell of a job! Every bit of the 2 towels i had put down were dripping. When he’d stopped pissing i rolled around and pulled the towels round me. Never been so wet! if you saw me you would have thought i had bathed in piss! He pulled me up and i dropped the towels as he bent me over. I could feel Jakes cum dripping down my leg as Mick thrust his cock in my cunt and fucked it bareback with Jakes cum as lube. Under a minute and Mick was shooting his spunk deep inside me. Considerate guy that he is, he gave it a couple of good thrusts to mix his seed with Jakes! Without warning as he pulled out, he slapped my ass so bloody hard and called me a dirty slag! lol :). About 2 hours after Mick left i lay on the piss soaked towels and proceeded to piss all over myself! Then, honest to god, as i oozed some of their spunk out of my cunt i had the most gorgeous and sensual wank! absolutely amazing orgasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spunked so hard i hit myself in the face! EVERY WORD OF THIS IS TRUE X One of my favourite days before covid!