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Let me first tell you about myself. I am working in a leading company as a senior manager and I am ambitious about my career. I have a busty figure and amazing stats of 36-30-38. I have a fair complexion, awesome pair of boobs and a big ass that any man can die for.

I knew that no guy can control himself after watching my swinging ass while I walk. I knew very well how to play with it. I actually enjoy being slutty in front of hot guys. Every girl enjoys that but we really hide it.

I met Akshat in my college. At first, we were normal friends in a group. But, slowly I started falling for him as he was very caring and protective about me.

Friends, believe me – it is one of the most heart touching qualities in a guy for which any girl can fall easily even if that girl is a big shot slut. He was also equally falling for me. And then finally the day came when Akshat asked me to go on a date with him.

He proposed me and I wasn’t surprised at all. I said yes to him and then we hugged. It was my first hug with him. It will always be a special hug for me.

Before Akshat, I dated 4 more guys but that wasn’t serious. It was just for fun and to fulfill my eagerness towards sex and sluttiness. For Akshat, I really started feeling from my heart and not with my slutty nature. Akshat knew that I was not a virgin and I have a bit of sluttiness inside because of my previous relationships.

Akshat was very supportive and honest. In college days when we were together, we used to have sex very regularly and I used to enjoy it with very much.

We used to bunk classes and visit hotels and spend hours together and have lots of horny and seductive sex. I used to enjoy giving him blowjobs and I love it whenever he licked my vagina passionately.

He almost fucked me in every possible position. Because of him, I stopped masturbating as we used to fuck each other almost every day or at least we used to have oral sex (vagina licking and fingering).

Everything was going great. But I still had that bitchy or you can say, slutty nature inside me. I used to watch other hot guys as well in my college and my friends’ group. I used to check them out but I avoided this act of mine in front of Akshat. I was scared that he might lose trust in me. So I enjoyed being a slut but in Akshat’s absence.

We got placed in different organization and different cities. I moved to Mumbai and he moved to Patna. It was the most heartbreaking phase of our lives. With time, everything started falling apart and our whole day chatting and meetings moved to just night calls and late-night chatting.