With more than one infected girl, the situation with the parasites begins to grow more dire. Leah, recognizing her new power, begins to seek out new hosts for the creatures growing within her while Megan tries to find an old crush.

1.Jessie felt the polished steel of the door handle at the entrance to the public safety trailer warm in her hand. The sky was slate gray and a gentle mist fell at a steady pace. Things were not well in the world of Jessie Vitelli.

The idea of ratting on her best friend, of ruining their friendship, it did not sit well with Jessie. The girl Jessie saw last night was not Leah. Those primal eyes and that inhuman strength when Leah grasped Jessie’s arms. A shudder ran through Jessie just thinking about it.

Still, what was there to do? Go back to the dorm room and go through the motions all over again? Or would Leah apologize. Maybe cry a lot and beg for forgiveness. Explain it all away.

No matter how hard Jessie tried, she could not make herself believe that fantasy. The way Leah gazed at her the night before, it was not human.

Then there was another thought. A whisper in Jessie’s mind.

Public safety isn’t going to help you. No one is.

Over the last day, a chasm of despair had opened within Jessie. Storm clouds hovered on the horizon, bringing only misery.

Jessie snapped out of it and stared at her hand gripping the door handle.

Do it or don’t, but stop moping for God’s sake!

Jessie let go of the handle and walked away from the trailer. There was an hour before her next class and we was going to use it well.

She marched down the path towards Odenton Hall, the coed dorm she lived in with Leah, keeping a fast pace lest she lose her nerve. Jessie and Leah lived on the bottom floor, left side hall from the entrance.

The hallway was empty when Jessie reached it. To her surprise, the isolation was not as foreboding as she expected. The fluorescent lights blasted down from the ceiling, filling the space with a sterile, comforting aura.

She reached her dorm, room 104, and without skipping a beat, opened the door wide. Jessie immediately regretted this as her bravery faltered and the dark roomed opened like an unholy mouth before her.

Empty. No Leah. No one.

Jessie flipped on the light and cautiously stepped into the room. She wished he had not as her eyes adjusted and she saw vast quantities of the slime from the day before.

There was more now. Smeared against the walls, splashed on Leah’s desk, and a ton on the floor. Mingled with the floor slime was something deep crimson that made Jessie gag.

The smell hit her then. That cloyingly sweet odor that made Jessie want to vomit her brains out. Desperate to ease the smell, Jessie covered her mouth with her shirt and dove deeper into the room.