While Jessie searches desperately for answers and a way to protect herself, Leah and her new sisters deal with the consequences of their hunger.

1.There was a rising pang of anxiety rising in Leah’s gut as she walked down the hallway towards the boys’ wing. Megan walked with her and Leah could sense the girl’s own sense of foreboding, streaming into her brain like a staticky radio signal. Things were growing out of control.

“Tell me again how you left them,” Leah said.

“They seemed out of it. Pale. Passed out. Not too different from how you described it.”

“When I did it, I didn’t give birth to some monstrosity. Besides, you’re different than me. I can feel it.”

“How so?” Megan asked, genuinely puzzled.

“I don’t want to get into it right now.”

It was going on nine in the evening. The girls left the RA’s room once it seemed that both of their newest victims were well under control. Emily already showed telltale signs of transformation, her breasts swelling, her body taking on an unnatural glow of beauty. Even more useful, the mousey redhead now seemed entirely under the thrall of Lindsay, her sire. Both of them were locked in a coital spiral of pleasure like long-time lovers.

Felicia, meanwhile, was nothing more than a crumpled, twitching mass on the tile floor. Whatever the special creature that emerged from Megan’s pussy was, it seemed to have complete shutdown the RA’s higher faculties.

Leah pushed through the double doors and felt her blood run cold. In front of her was a disordered crown of students and public safety officers. The entire wing was filled with nervous chatter. Both girls picked up their pace, plunging into the throng.

They rounded the corner in time to see an EMT hauling a stretcher out of a dorm room. The body on the stretcher was covered with a white sheet.

Leah froze. Had it not been for the mass control over her nerves the parasite that inhabited her body exhibited, Leah would likely have started shaking in her boots. Behind the first stretcher, another emerged. Another body. Another sheet.

“Leah,” Megan whimpered from behind her. “Leah I-”

Leah cut the girl off, her instincts kicking in like lightning.

“Not now,” she said in a quick whisper.

Leah whirled around and grabbed Megan by the arm, dragging her back towards the girls’ wing.

“We need to go.”

They pushed right through the double doors and bolted through the lobby of the dorm.

“Leah, I killed them.”

“Just shut the fuck up until we get back to Felicia’s room.”

Leah caught her breath. Two dead boys. Two dead, human beings, killed by her actions. Not directly, but blood was on her hands. She wanted to feel some pang of guilt. At least horror.

Nothing. Leah felt nothing. Only the urge of self-preservation drove her forward. What the hell was happening to her?