The number of infected girls is ever increasing and some are exhibiting strange new abilities. Meanwhile, more students discover traces of the infection as they roam campus.

1.Evan Sherman whistled Yankee Doodle as he entered the hallway, trying his hardest to not go insane.

It was his fifth week as an RA and he already had a body count. He walked by Brad and Arthur’s room and felt a shiver run down his spine.

Evan stopped and stared at the door, whistling louder than before. The words cascaded through his head like rushing water.

Yankee Doodle came to town, riding on a pony, he stuck a needle in these kids and turned them to baloney.

He turned away from the door, away from the death and gloom, and that’s when he noticed the open doors.

There were five doors open in his hallway. Most were opened about a foot, but one was wide open. This alone wasn’t strange. College kids do as college kids do, but what made it weird was that not a single one of these rooms with open doors had the lights on.

Evan stepped over to the closest room and pushed the door open. In each bed was a lump nestled under the covers.

Stepping closer, he saw that neither lump was moving. No ride and fall of breath, no fidgeting. Evan’s blood turned to ice water.

He stepped over to the bed on his right and pulled the covers down, revealing a pale, lifeless face that looked more like Halloween mummy prop than a human being.

Looking over to the other bed, Evan saw the mummy’s twin. He touched the forehead. It sure felt real.

Evan stepped out into the hall and began to whistle Yankee Doodle again. Reaching for his phone, he dialed 911. It took two tries his fingers were shaking so badly.


“You’re choking me,” Hades said.

His belt was looped around his neck and tied to the bed frame. Duct tape bound his hands and feet.

“If I was choking you,” you wouldn’t be able to say that,” Lindsay said.

She was admiring the top drawer of the boy’s dresser, running her fingers along the bottles of pills and liquids. Then she picked up the handcuffs.

“Now why didn’t you tell me you had handcuffs? It would have made things so much easier, Hades baby!”

“Fuck you,” Hades said.

Lindsay ignored him. She walked over to his desk and pulled out his wallet. Opening it, she slipped out his student ID. She began to laugh like a hyena.

“Your real name is Merryweather! That’s so fucking fitting,” she said.

Hades began to struggle against his bonds. From the looks of it, the tape would not last.

“Calm yourself,” she said, placing her open palm on the college boy’s exposed chest.

A soft green light emanated from her hand and suffused into the boy’s chest. All of a sudden, he began to breathe heavily and his eyes rolled back into his skull. A massive bulge appeared in his underwear.