The conflict between the infected and uninfected comes to a head within Carter Dormitory. How many will fall to the alien parasites infesting campus?

1.The girl held Haley close from behind. She heaved with excitement in Haley’s ear, only causing the college freshman to reach new heights of terror.

“How did I miss you before?” The girl asked in a husky voice. A voice thick with grotesque pleasure. “You’re putting out energy like a goddamn nuclear reactor. All of it coming from right here.”

The girl tapped the fingers of her left hand gently against Haley’s forehead. With her right, she gagged Haley.

If only she struggled, Haley knew she could break out. The girl didn’t feel that strong. A good jostle could probably break Haley out of the grip.

The headache was back, however, and this time it was utterly overwhelming. The pain was so intense that Haley felt like vomiting.

All the while, Haley could smell the sweet, musky odor of the girl behind as she writhed against Haley’s backside.

“I want to savor this, but I can’t really help myself. This little guy certainly can’t help himself much more, so open wide!” The girl said.

Haley felt fingers curl around the fabric of her cotton panties. Suddenly, her underwear was torn away and she felt something hot and fleshy writhe against her buttocks.

Ice cold terror overtook Haley then. That thing rubbing against her was an abomination. It was unnatural. It was monstrous and it wanted her.

She desperately tried to scream, but it was useless against the girl’s muffling palm.

Suddenly, Haley heard another voice. It did not belong to her attacker or anyone she recognized. All she knew was that it sounded female.

“I’m sorry,” the voice said.

Suddenly, there were several loud snapping sounds. Haley’s attacker tumbled backwards and let go of her. Haley fell forward and gasped in fresh air.

Her lungs burned and her heart raced and at the moment of release, Haley screamed louder than ever before. Her wailing cry cut across the campus, echoing out across the river.

The awful, unholy mass of flesh was gone now though, and relief was already pulsing through the disoriented freshman. She stumbled to her feet and whirled around.

Hunched over Haley’s attacker was a blonde, athletic girl who was delivering several more hard strikes with what appeared to be a club or something. The brunette assailant writhed on the ground as blow after blow struck her skull and eyes.

Haley stared slackjaw at the scene. The girl on the ground was sprawled out and from this angle, Haley could see she wasn’t wearing panties. Normally, Haley would have blushed and looked away immediately, but her stupor kept her eyes fixed.

From between the brunette’s legs, something emerged. It was about five or six inches long and about an inch and a half thick. It glistened in the dying light and it’s color was that of rotting swamps and stagnant pools. A sickly greenish black.