Last evening, my wife and I were sitting around on the couch browsing some of the stories folks had posted on this site. She ran across the latest story I had posted about her alone in a hotel room with a guy she used to work with. “The story is amazingly accurate” she said, “your recollection of the events was right on, however, your grammar needs work”. As she continued to read some of the other stories we’d posted, she stopped at the story about our neighbor Jerry and his son Tommy. “This was really similar to the fun we had at Tim and Kathy’s summer party” she said. “You’re right” I said. “Why don’t you write about that day”? she asked. So now, I’m doing just that.

We met Tim and Kathy at one of our swinger’s club events. Even though they lived 100+ miles away, they joined our local club. Tim is a VP of an insurance agency, and Kathy works as an administrator in the office of her municipal school district. In order to keep their swinging lifestyle a secret from friends, coworkers and family, they elected to join a group far enough from where they live. That just happened to be our swinger’s club. My wife and I established not only a sexual relationship with them, but a good friendship as well. They are roughly the same age as we are, and like us, they had recently become empty nesters as well. Since they enjoyed traveling as much as we do, we took weekend trips together, and on one occasion we went on a cruise together. We really enjoyed each other’s company and of course, the sexual pleasures we all shared was tremendous.

One day every year during the summer, Tim and Kathy would have a blow out barbecue and party for their friends, associates and family members. Along with our invite to the party was an invite from Tim to spend the night at their house. He said his concern was about us driving home after partying and drinking. Having watched him with my wife on several occasions, I was sure he had an ulterior motive.

The day of the party came, and we got ready early to head to their house. I had volunteered to assist with the barbecuing, so we needed to get there before the crowd came. I threw the overnight bags in the car with everything we needed and watched as my wife headed down the walkway toward the car. When I saw what she was wearing, it was obvious that she had other intentions in mind for this day. She had on skin tight shorts that looked like they were painted on. Further, in terms of length, they barely got below her crotch. On top she had on a skimpy tube top, with a strapless bra underneath. This left a large portion of her flat, tanned stomach exposed. As she walked gingerly toward the car I noticed that she had on her feet some strap on open toed wedgie sandals. The wedgies always make her gorgeous legs look even tighter and hotter than they already are.