We are a real married mixed race couple, Chinese-Malay wife (born in Texas) and white American husband. We think we have a somewhat unique story about how risky unprotected sex became an overpowering addiction in us.

She comes from a rich conservative Chinese-Malay family that emigrated to USA from Singapore prior to her birth. He comes from a middle class midwestern conservative family. We are both licensed professionals.

We have to admit our initial attraction to each other was actually, at first, the disapproval in both our families about interracial couples. But this taboo excited us. She preferred Caucasian men, and he preferred Asian women. So we started dating, but hid it from our families. As we became acquainted better, we found that we were really attracted to each other, and we started having lots of sex very quickly.

Our Impregnation Fetish has Dominated Our LivesOur Impregnation Fetish has Dominated Our Lives 2
The very first time we had sex was the huge revelation. She was not on a birth control pill at that time, or any other contraceptive. Neither of us had ever had unprotected sex. She had previously always been on the pill with all her ex-boyfriends, but had stopped a few months before. He had never had a girlfriend not on the pill, and he didn’t have any condoms that night. She happened to be right in the middle of her menstrual cycle at peak fertility, and she told him so. Passion got the better of us, as it often does with millions of other couples, and we fucked our brains out. It was the best sex either of us had ever had–BY FAR. The familial disapproval of interracial couples and the huge pregnancy risk excited us beyond anything we had experienced before. Even though we were EXTREMELY worried she would get pregnant, we found the thrill of the high risk sex very delicious. And irresistible.

The floodgates were opened. We started fucking twice a day, three times a day on Sundays. We still feared an unwanted pregnancy, but that fear was COMPLETELY overcome by the pleasure we had from the THRILL OF THE RISK. Our sex talk while we fucked was mostly about getting pregnant and having babies, even though we didn’t really want a baby yet. Our Impregnation Fetish has Dominated Our Lives 3

We had discovered our fetish–our pregnancy risk fetish–and it was both overwhelming and delicious. Every day we were counting the minutes to get off work, return home, slip between the sheets together and fuck each other silly.

Our families would have been quite shocked. They were so old fashioned. We laugh about that now, but it was a real consideration then.

We knew the huge amount of unprotected fucking we were doing was definitely going to result in pregnancy, and probably very quickly. We were NOT going to use any birth control. That would have spoiled it. Our families would have been absolutely mortified if she had become pregnant out of wedlock. An Asian bride with a huge pregnant belly walking down the aisle to marry her Caucasian man would have simply been too scandalous.