Overtime and Overfucked
Even though my wife only danced part time at Lorraine’s Lounge, that dancing led to lots of other local experiences in the Lafayette, IN area during the early nineteen seventies. Lorraine’s was a dive bar, and literally down in the Wabash river valley, and also literally on the wrong side of the railroad track. It was the kind of place that would cause even the Blues Brothers to go into protective mode.

The bar prided itself in serving booze within an environment that had live bands and trim strippers. There must have been an agreement with the local police, for everything that occurred there was blatant, right in your face, especially the sexual activity. Janet, my wife, began working there, and quickly found out about that seamy steamy world.

The bar was located on a corner, a corner that could normally have heavy pedestrian traffic. In that era, and at that bar, the front and side windows were intact. That is, the boarded up, visually closed off, look did not exist. Thus, there were large picture windows near the entrance, and smaller sets of single windows all down the other side. Think of a proud restaurant, with family seating and views for the k**s, that was then slowly converted to a bar. Lorraine kept the establishment open and bright.


The band stage was directly on the other side of the large front windows, with the band members’ backs toward the street. Further into the room of tables and booths were the dancers’ islands.

The dancers started in the early evening, when it was many times light outside. They started without a band, using the juke box for their music. I am not k**ding, when I say that extremely young persons could and would walk by on the sidewalk and peer into the Lounge. No bouncer, no security would pounce, if the young person took a quick look and kept on walking. If the little person just froze, and kept watching what his or her parents said that they could not see? Then some worker would stick their head out and yell “Move On!”. Since Lorraine’s was a strip nude quickly bar, there was a lot of education done through those windows.

A typical stripper dance set at this bar had the dancer start with a small bottom on. The was never a top that I can remember. The bottom was usually a maximum of a thong. most times that starting bottom was a G-string. The first dance kept the bottom on. The bottom was quickly removed at the start of the second tune. Though this was not an era for shaving, most of the girls had pubic areas that were trimmed, even designed, and many were shaved nude at the mons. The third song allowed the girl to to do more gymnastic type poses, poses that spread her vagina within one or two feet of a guy’s face. There was security close to the stage level, though it was known to fail. Before a guy was pulled back, quite a few were able to finger quickly. If it was a well paying regular, the guy was merely reprimanded and pulled back, as he licked his fingers. The more persistent were bounced. Rarely were they permanently banned.