Pajama Party MemoryPajama Party

Instead of teen girls going to a slumber party, pajama party, or teen sleepover, we grownups sometimes go in for nostalgic fun in our PJs. I was already in my early 30s when I went to my last pajama party. Those attending included married couples, single women, and single men. We knew everyone from previous outings, cookouts, and parties but some we only knew in passing. My husband and I were eager to go when we learned who would be coming. There were going to be lots of fun, sweet, and attractive people.

The party was in a nice two-story brick farm home. By 9:00 pm all the guests had arrived so in addition to Mr. and Mrs. host, my husband and I, we had two other married couples, a boyfriend-girlfriend couple, two single women, and one single man for a total of 13. For our late supper we had fried catfish, grilled salmon, crab cakes, hushpuppies, green bean casserole, corn-on-the-cob, carrot cake and chocolate cake.

My husband wore a cowboy style union suit with the trapdoor in the back. I wore a semi-sheer knee-length nightie with nothing underneath. The other guys were decked out in everything from sophisticated pajamas with bathrobe to just boxers made from super soft thick cotton. The other girls were outfitted in a variety sleepwear from daring negligees to thick one-piece PJs with footsies. The important thing is that there were lots of hot guys, beautiful girls turning them on, and so the night was filled with lustful promise.

As the party got into full swing the girl causing the biggest sensation was not blonde Karen in her very sheer negligee even though I’ll admit she looked great. The girl driving the guys crazy was brunette Wendy in her guy pajamas. At first glance she seemed well-covered and concealed. But these boy PJs had a fly and it gaped a bit giving peeks at her dark pubic hair. She, like me, understood that you shouldn’t wear undies under PJs. Her top covered her pretty well but when she moved she had a pronounced jiggle at the bust line. Wendy was married to David but they were both party footloose and I wondered who would wind up with a piece of that shapely brunette tail.

The closest thing to a wallflower at the party was Lee Ann. She had heard that I was experienced in girl-girl play and to my surprise was eyeing me and seemed interested. I had my sights on Ron who was the boyfriend of blonde Karen. I did not care for Karen and I’ve always considered boyfriends, unlike husbands, as being fair game and circulating freely in the free market economy of dating and sex.

Since Lee Ann was shadowing me, I struck up a conversation with her. She was not unattractive but was less flashy than most of the party goers. Lee Ann had dated a loser for about a year and had recently and wisely broken up with him. Maybe this apparent lesbian interest in me was due to a rebound thing due to being jerked around by a jerk. I asked her about any guys that were on her radar. She said she had a couple of fellas that she found interesting but hadn’t scored any dates. Lee Ann scoped out my tits and my bush that could barely be seen through my nightie. I really wanted a guy to put the moves on her but none were coming through with Lee Ann lust. I excused myself from her when I spotted a good opportunity to approach Ron who was now away from Karen.