I am Bablee and have been living in the US with my husband and c***dren for the past few years. We are from Pakistan. My husband is a typical Pakistani man who thinks of Eastern customs, norms, and culture as essentially pure. That is why when my eldest daughter promoted in Xi Standard, my husband sent her back to Pakistan for marriage. He did not want his daughter to adopt or prefer Western culture.

My older daughter and I were very similar to each other, people often did not recognize us. Both of us often wore each other’s clothes, because we were about the same size. Although I had given birth to four c***dren, I still looked quite fit and young.

This was a brief introduction to me and my family, now I come back to the story. As you all know that Pakistani families often marry their daughters at a very young age. So, my older daughter was very young when my husband got her married to a Pakistani boy. We didn’t tell anyone about this wedding here, even at her school. The school principal and administration were constantly sending us notice of our daughter’s absence.

My husband continued to ignore these notices, but one day the community center called my husband to his office. They asked about our older daughter where she was and why she was not going to school. My husband could not give them a satisfactory answer, however, he made the excuse that his daughter had gone to Pakistan and would come back soon and join the school. Community center staff warned my husband that if his daughter did not attend school within a week, we could face litigation as a parent in court.

When my husband returned home, he was very upset, he did not understand how to resolve the issue. Actually we were all American Nationality holders now, so we could not marry our youngest c***d who was an American National at such a young age. My husband was in trouble because of his regressive thoughts. We thought a lot about resolving this issue but couldn’t find a solution.

I suddenly had an idea in my mind before going to bed at night, and I immediately told that idea to my husband. The idea was to get my daughter’s identity and go to school. As I’ve said before, the two of us had a lot of similarities. My husband liked this idea so much, he asked me to do the whole preparation.

At the same time, I went to my daughter’s room, checked her bags and books, and saw her wearing a uniform. The size of the uniform was perfect but there was a problem. The school uniform consisted of skirts and blouses. This western uniform my husband didn’t like at all. But now that he was badly trapped and wanted to resolve the issue, he did not say anything about the uniform.

After a few days of practice, my husband made me his elder daughter and took me to school. After going there we made the excuse that I do not like this school and now I want to go to another school. We did this so that no one could know my true identity. The school principal invited the community center staff to the office, he enrolled me at a boarding school away from home so that I could no longer be absent from the school again.