Alejandra and I went for a romantic extended weekend in Paris. We had a wonderful time with lots of passionate sex. We stayed at a small and cozy hotel, and Alejandra had brought her very sexy lingerie for an extremely sensual experience. Her big tits (see her photo gallery) looked amazing in her push up bra, and I loved pealing off her tiny lace v-strings.

Paris with Alejandra
On the first day following our arrival, we made the most of our hotel room, spending the entire morning in bed. We flung ourselves into an oral feast. She was sucking hungrily on my cock, licking my balls, and really enjoying herself. Then I licked her sweet pussy until she came twice. Then we fucked. I took her passionately at first, and then, when she was about to explode with lust, I fucked her hard and deep. She screamed with passion so loudly I was afraid the hotel staff was going to be alarmed, but no one interfered. We got up off the bed and tried fucking with her sitting on the desk, then she sat on her knees in an armchair with her butt facing me. I rode her doggy style for several minutes with her big tits swinging back and forth underneath her body. Her pussy was soaking wet and my cock was huge inside her. I rode her hard and deep, and she loved it. Then we tried the window sill with her gorgeous ass sitting in the window so she had her nude back towards the street. I held her legs up to get better access to her pussy. I fucked her like that for a little while, but sitting in the window wasn’t comfortable for her. She got up and I turned her around so she was facing the window and bent her over. She complained a little as she felt exposed – there was only a light see through curtain in the window, and anyone in the street looking up at our window could see her. They could probably not see her clearly, but it was obvious to everyone that we were having sex. I found it very arousing and quickly stuck my cock in her from behind. I pushed her up against the window and fucked her hard. After a few strokes she was like butter in my hands, and I think the exposure turned her on as well. She was grabbing on to the window sill with both hands, bending over, as I fucked her hard and deep from behind. Her big tits swung back and forth. I increased the tempo and gave it to her at full force. Then I deliberately tore the see through curtain away from the window, so she was completely exposed. At first, she didn’t notice, as I could see in the reflection from the glass that her eyes were closed and her mouth wide open in a passionate grimace. I continued to fuck her mercilessly, and now I could see people in the street starting to notice her. An elderly man and a business man on the opposite sidewalk stopped and stared. Then a lady caught sight of Alejandra and stared. Two teenage girls noticed her too and started giggling – one of the girls whipped out her phone and photographed the scene. Now my cock exploded inside Alejandra and sprayed cascades of warm cum up inside her sweet pussy. My fingers dug into her fleshy butt cheeks as I pumped my sperm up inside her. Then she opened her eyes and noticed her audience in the street. She was scared that people had seen her at first but then she laughed at the incident. We took a shower.