Pavitra Fantasies –  2 (Kishore Goes Rough)Pavitra Fantasies –  2 (Kishore Goes Rough) 2Pavitra Fantasies –  2 (Kishore Goes Rough) 3

My Ex-Kishore. Kishore was my boyfriend in college. We used to have a lot of fun both outside and inside the room. But after I got married, we were never in contact for around 6 years. But after my feelings of a sexy and horny hotwife, we got in contact once again.

We had many sexual encounters. Trust me, he was one of the best I ever had in bed.

I and my husband never kept ourselves in limitations when it came to experimenting with sex. We have a very good sex life too. But my hunger for sex is way too much more. So I seek some external satisfaction without letting him know about it.

That day, I was very much aroused from the time I woke up. My boobs were a little stiff and my nipples were poking as well. My husband noticed them and started caressing them. I thought he will take the session to the end and bang me right now itself.

But he had some business commitments that morning. So he had to leave early from home. So he did not do much at that time and said sorry and got busy with his work. I made him breakfast and bid him a sad-faced goodbye. I knew that I am not gonna get satisfied just with my fingers.

I had Kishore for backup. So I messaged him about his whereabouts. He pinged me a reply immediately asked me to get to his house by 11:00 AM. I obliged him and went to his house even 15 minutes early. He and his dick both were happy to see me in a knee-length frock and which was a deep neck as well.

After I reached his home I removed my shrug, so that he could see my delicious flesh and attack me as soon as possible. Kishore did not waste a single minute and came back to me. He rolled his fingers over my right hand, grabbed my shoulders with both of his hands and pinched them a little to arouse me more.

He then flipped my hairs towards the left side and kissed me hard on the right side of my neck. While he was doing this, his hands were busy in unzipping my frock from the back. Within 5 seconds my frock was totally below my waist and within the next few seconds, it was totally off my body.

Kishore was grabbing my boobs standing at my back, kissing my back and his one hand rubbing my cunt over my panty. I was so aroused with his touches that I was barely able to keep my legs down. He then pushed me towards the wall, and unhooked my bra and threw it on the floor.

He grabbed me by my ass and started moving upwards with his hands. He kissed the whole of my bareback and then stripped down my panty as well and ordered me to keep facing the wall. He then undressed as well. He came closer to me.