so after we have fucked it was pretty late and we were both drunk time for bed the morning head arrived it was a beautiful day once again we get ready to go snorkeling usually my wife would wear a one piece swimsuit while going snorkeling but she walked out of the bedroom in her sexiest bikini I was not complaining
we grab our towels sunscreen and head off for the day we are going for a day trip 2 some islands wanna filipino traditional catamaran style boat we meet up with jenny and dave on the boat we have a great days snorkeling the philippines are so beautiful I’ve been looking at jenny all day she also was in a sexy bikini barely covering her big breast and she knew I had been watching her all day
the day had finished I can not wait to get back to the villa my wife wanna 2 go have a shower and get changed before we met up with david jenny again I’m so excited to what tonight may bring my wife jumps in the shower I have a viagra want to be on my best performance I jump in the shower after her after my shower I come out my wife looks so f****** hot she’s wearing nice super sexy dress my dick gets hard just looking at her I told my wife you look amazing baby and I want to f*** you she says you can wait until tonight I cannot wait for tonight we we head off to dave and jenny’s will you make them at their place have a quick drink then head out for dinner small chit chat over dinner I was looking at jenny all the time she was not wearing a bra we made short work of dinner any side of to have drinks back at their villa
after quite a few drinks the night was going great jenny said would you like to watch home movie that they had made I said sure but do not really want to I want to fuck
jenny starts to put on the home movie I hate to the kitchen to grab another beer dave comes with me we just talking in the kitchen having a laugh we were probably in there for about 5 minutes or so come back into the lounge room and to my surprise it was not home movie it was a home porno and there was jenny on the tv screen she was sucking a man’s cock it was not david I look at my wife she cannot take her eyes off the screen jenny was doing an amazing job on the guy she really knew how to suck cock I was feeling very nervous do you not know what my next move would be but dave new exactly we want to do he walked over to my wife add said can you suck cock like that without saying a word she took his cock from his pants I started to suck on his already erect dick
I was standing there in shock as to how easily my wife just started sucking another mans cock next time I know jenny’s on her knees helping my wife taking turns on his cock this is so f****** h**** my cock is rock hard
I’m now naked I move into get some action and without any hesitation jenny is now sucking my cock holy fuk I’m loving it
they’ve moved away from my wife don’t know why so my wife looks at me with a big smile on her face and then go straight on helping jenny suck my cock holy fuk I’m in heaven I think my wife can tell that I am ready to explode she pulls my cock out of jenny’s mouth and she slap it so f****** hard wow that hurt but controls my orgasm she slaps it again and says you’re not coming yet she tells me you have been f****** jenny with your eyes all day now it’s time to f*** it with your cock wow I cannot believe this
so I get into position to f*** jenny and I noticed david standing there he had a camera and he was filming the action
I put my cock into jenny it was amazing as I’m f****** jenny her husband is filming and my wife start to suck his cock again I am almost there I tell jenny I’m going to cum she jumps up put my cock in her mouth it takes my cum down her throat and does not spill a drop I collapse on the lounge watching my wife still sucking dave’s cock jenny take the camera from dave and start telling my wife do you suck his dick then she tells my wife put her fingers up his a** he loves it and yes by his reaction he did love it my wife has 2 fingers in his a** and his cock in her mouth she takes his cock from her mouth and starts pulling it I’m concentrating on her fingers in his a** he is loving it with every stroke she’s going faster he is about to come jenny encourages her to take the cum on her face which is not a problem she loves it david explodes all over her pretty face so much cum could not believe how much almost 3 times more than me she looked so f****** amazing
jenny came over help the cleanup and then
to be continued