Authors Note: The story you are about to read is fantasy fiction. The events never happened and are only a product of my sometimes vivid imagination.Part I: Hospital Morgue

Picture this! You’ve just come on duty as the night shift morgue attendant. The phone rings; they have a client for you that was DOA at the emergency room. You arrive at the elevator and take possession of the body and roll it into the morgue. You roll the gurney up next to one of the stainless steel tables and remove the sheet. Imagine the shock as you are staring at an incredibly beautiful woman! She is tall and well tanned with shoulder length dark brown hair with soft curled ends and clad in a tight royal blue v-neck sweater that accentuates her well endowed breasts, a black pleated short miniskirt, sheer stockings that cover her long luscious legs and black leather classic pump hi heels. Her long finger nails are polished darkcherry red. You think she looks like an actress you’ve seen in a movie; it takes you a minute for it to come to you. She resembles Linda Fiorentino; the beautiful, tall, leggy brunette morgue attendant in “Men In Black” who became Will Smoth’s partner at the end. Only this woman is even more beautiful. You take another moment for the lust inside you to build. You then pick up the purse beside her on the gurney and find a billfold inside that identifies her as Michelle Marsten, 28 yrs old, and a picture of 2 school age children is visible. Flipping it over you see a picture of Michelle in an embrace with a tall dark haired man. You glance at her hand that is folded across her chest and note the diamond engagement ring and wedding band on her finger. At this point you become a little sad. What a pity! But his loss is your gain. You replace the billfold in the purse and place both in a plastic bag. Grasping the lovely soccer mom under her armpits; you transfer her fresh corpse from the gurney to the stainless steel table. You look at her more closely and the only visible trauma is to the left side of her head; a small stream of congealed blood from her left nostril, left ear and the left side of her mouth. You remove her jewelry; first the small pierced earrings, then her pendant necklace and you lift her cold hand and remove her watch and rings; placing all of them in a plastic bag. You grasp each stocking clad foot and remove her hi heels and place each open shoe to your nostrils and inhale the aroma combination of her shoes, stockings and feet. Your manhood is getting harder by the minute. Placing the shoes in a plastic bag; you lift her tight sweater and then the black camisole underneath ;pull them up until her breasts clad in a lacey black bra are exposed. Grabbing her hands; you sit her up and pull the sweater and camisole off over her head and reach behind and unsnap the bra before lowering her back on the table. Grabbing the straps; you pull the bra off her breasts and arms and lay it aside. There before you is one of the most magnificent sets of tits you’ve ever seen; not huge but incredibly firm and sticking straight up. Your gloved hands reach out and grab them and give them a gentle squeeze that sends a shudder of pleasure through you body. You feel a drop of precum leaking from you long hard dick. You pry you hands away and unsnap and unzip her miniskirt and pull it and her black halfslip down over her shapely hips and off over her feet. You grow more excited by the minute. This beautiful corpse is now clad in only her black lace french cut panties and lace topped thigh high stockings. Your fingers grasp the hem of her panties and pull them down off her hips, legs and feet. You place them to your nose and inhale the heavenly aroma of her crotch. This make you want to smell the real things so you spread her long lovely legs apart to have a better look and you crawl up between them from the foot end of the table. You are now staring at the fully open outer pussy lips and partially open inner lips with a patch of well manicured brown pubic hair above her slit. The sexy aroma of her pussy is driving you wild. You want to have her so bad. You haven’t had any pussy, a live or dead, in a while. You wonder when was the last time her husband fucked this beautuful lady. So why shouldn’t you have her? She’s not going to refuse and dead women tell no tales.