Two brothers discover that their supposedly innocent little sister is actually internet porn-star Christine
Young. (MMF, nc, inc, oral, anal)


I arrived home from work at 6pm, just like I did every day. And, just like every day, I turned on the TV and
watched the evening news while I had a couple of ham
and cheese sandwiches and a beer for dinner. After dinner I got another beer, and another beer after that,
drinking steadily as the news ended and some sitcom
reruns tried to keep me entertained. They pretty much failed, and by eight o’clock I was actually considering
going to bed.

It wasn’t a serious consideration; who goes to bed at
eight o’clock past the age of five? But it was an
indication to me of how low I’d sunk in my life. I was
twenty-five, single, not too bad looking, and I was
working at a job that paid me more than enough money to
keep me happy, so why wasn’t I happy? Why wasn’t I out
in the night, having a good time, chasing chicks,
getting laid? Why did I have the most boring life in
the whole world?

I didn’t know, and I didn’t have the energy to try to
figure it out. So the only choice I had (the only real
choice) was to do something about it. Think of
something new, different, and interesting to do. Maybe
something a little bit off the wall, out of the

I thought about calling my brother Joe to see what he
might be up to. And just as I had that thought my cell
phone bleeped. I was a little embarrassed by how
quickly I picked up.


“Hey, Ben, it’s Joe,”

“Hey, dude,” I said, “I was just thinking about calling
you. Is that, like, synchronicity or what?”

“Just an odd coincidence,” Joe said. “Listen, Ben, you
gotta come over. I got something totally awesome for
you to see.”

“Really. What is it?”

“I’ll show you when you get here. But I will tell you
this, you’re not gonna believe your eyes.”

“Come on, Joe, if it’s just another one of your dumb
video games, I’m not really interested.”

“It’s not a video game, although in a way, you’re
close. Now get your ass over here.”

I heard the click of Joe’s phone and blinked, somewhat
surprised; my older brother could be a bit of a spaz
sometimes, but he was rarely that abrupt. Whatever he
had to show me must be pretty important.

“What the hell,” I said to myself as I looked around at
my dull uneventful apartment, “even if it is a video
game, it’s gotta be better than this shit.”


I lived only five blocks from Joe’s place, but our
lifestyles were a few tax brackets apart; I had a
spacious loft on the East side of Alexander Street in
an exclusive apartment building, and Joe lived in what
someone on the City Council had once called, “a high-
rise ghetto.” It was a ten story building set right in
the heart of the downtown area, and although it had
once, long ago, been an elegant hotel, it was now a low
income project subsidized by the city’s Housing
Authority, a haven for the poor, the sick, the lame and
the lazy.