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I am married woman with no c***d, I am fair looking with 32D-25-35 Thanks a lot for your feedback for my earlier story. My inbox got flooded with mails. I am thankful for all those love shown by readers. Due to lot of mails I may have missed some to reply, extremely sorry for that. I kindly request readers to read my earlier story to understand the back ground.

I woke up in morning around 11.30, I hurriedly got fresh up as my in laws supposed to be there within hour. So cleaned the night’s mess and was resting on the sofa. I was tired a lot due to rigorous fucking at night. I never expected that I will have threesome in my own house and that too with such people. Suddenly doorbell rang. I opened the door my in laws were standing there, my mil said “Yogita please go downstairs and give the change to auto driver, as we were not having change.” I went down with my purse to my horror found Sanjay at gate, I went near him and pretend that I didn’t know him asked “Kitna hua bhaiyya unka?”

Sanjay: are janeman rehne muze kya pata wo budha budhi tere ghar wale hai. Tuzse thodi paise luga.

Me: Mind your language you asshole, don’t speak anything.

Sanjay: are kon sun raha hai yaha. Waise wapis kab bula rahi ho.

Me: kachi sochna bhi mat k aisa hoga. Paise lo and nikalte bano.

Sanjay: are paise to tuze dene hai kal raat k.

Without listening to him, I went back and called watchman and told him the incident. He assured me that he will take care of him and disconnected. He again called me after 15 min and told that he is sorry for his friend and he will never trouble me in future.

A month and half left but nothing happened, neither of them troubled me. I was now absolutely relaxed, here me and my hubby used to chat lot and next month he was supposed to be back from US. I was actually feeling happy. Though I was lot horny due to sex chats but I didn’t wanted to go back to watchman. One fine evening I went to market for some shopping, unfortunately after some time rain started. I was having rain coat and umbrella so nothing to worry, due to rain I decided to take auto to home. When I was on road I signaled a random auto I came to me and I get in and told my address.

The auto started and I got call from my mil she was worried due to rain. I told her not to worry as I have taken auto and coming to home. It was slow moving traffic; it took almost 40 min to complete journey of 20 min max. When I asked him for money then I saw it was Sanjay, but surprisingly he didn’t say anything bad to me.

I then went to home and directly get in to bed to change my dress as it was little wet due to rain. Meanwhile the doorbell rang my fil went to answer it, he talked with some body and closed the door. I came out and asked who was it my fil “it was auto driver, beta you have forgotten your cell phone in his auto while coming, somebody called you so he came to know by ring tone, he is too honest even refuse to take any reward.” I checked my cell it was ok, I thank Sanjay in mind for being so generous. (But I later regretted the same, you will com e to know how and why?) I prepared dinner, we all had dinner I finished my all chores and went to bedroom. Around 11.30 pm I received the msg on whatsapp I hurriedly get my cell, as I thought it was my hubby, but it was unknown number. I replied “Who r u?”