I have the best job that any man can have! I train teenage girls how to have sex.

Pleiades Pleasure Planet
Early in the twenty-fourth century, five-hundred people from Earth setup a colony on an oxygen-rich planet in the Pleiades (M45) constellation. Over the next hundred years, their population grew to over fifty-thousand people.
I grew up on that planet, which has now been named the Pleiades Pleasure Planet. We are a completely hedonistic society, which means that all the females are available for sex at any time. We wear very little clothing so that having sex is easy. A man and woman will often meet and have sex a few minutes later. Seeing a girl giving a guy a blowjob is very common and no one thinks a thing about it.
Many people from Earth, mostly men, make the two-month trip to Pleiades Pleasure Planet to spent up to a month having sex with all the many gorgeous girls and women here. At first, they wear themselves out trying to fuck five to six girls per day. But after a couple of days, they settle into a more realistic schedule of three to four girls per day.
And teenage girls are in the highest demand. They love giving head; they love being fucked in all ways. And it’s my job to train them! That’s why I said that I have the best job that any man can have!
Girls here must be eighteen years of age before they can legally be trained in how to practice sex, although I suspect that many don’t wait. This society is too sexually charged for some young teenagers to wait. And one can understand when they see their older peers having sex in a restaurant or giving a blowjob to a guy in a park.
But as one of the official sex trainers, I must confirm that all of my trainees are at least eighteen before I begin their training. They are always eager and very cooperative, which makes my job a pleasure.
When an eighteen-year-old girl comes to me, she’s already had her hymen penetrated by a surgeon using a four-inch tool that completely clears away the hymen. So, to let that procedure heal, for the first week, I teach a girl how to give a blowjob. They come into my office three times a day for a lesson.
I tell them the correct procedure and then let them learn on their own. But for the really gorgeous ones, like Marianne in the photo above, I’ve found that I can’t go slow. As they’re licking and sucking my cock tentatively, I have to take their heads in my hands and fuck their mouths until I fill them with cum. They’re always surprised when that first spurt of cum enters their mouths, but they’ve been told that it will happen and that they must swallow it and keep sucking until I’m finished.
On the second day, I will typically begin to teach them to deep throat. They always gag, so I have to hold their heads steady and keep thrusting until they can take my cock down their throats. That usually takes two days. But for me, it’s a wonderful two days! There’s nothing better than holding a gorgeous teenage girl’s head in my hands as I shoot off in her throat. Her gagging and coughing enhance the experience to the point that once she learns how to deep throat, that’s all I do for the rest of that first week.
Marianne quickly learned to deep throat and loved to feel my warm cum slither down into her stomach. She’d always want to cuddle with me until I was ready for her to do it again.
Then teaching her to fuck was amazing! She loved it and couldn’t get enough. We ended up spending a week fucking in the missionary position three times a day. Yes, Marianne was going to fit into our society quite well. She was going to be popular and in demand.
– – – – –
Then beginning the second week, it’s time to teach my girls how to fuck. It’s more how guys will fuck them! Some guys like a slow, easy fuck. But others will ram it in and fuck hard until he shoots off. Either way, I teach my girls to be ready.
I guess by this point you’re wondering about pregnancy? Here on PPP, all little girls are immunized against getting pregnant when they reach puberty. After that, the only way they can get pregnant is to get an injection that will start their monthly fertility cycles. It’s a perfect arrangement for a hedonistic society like ours.
Pleiades Pleasure Planet 2Today I started the second week with Joanne, a cute little blue-eyed blonde who was eager to get down to the business of fucking.
“So, Joanne. Are you ready to learn to fuck?”
“Oh, yes! I can’t wait! I want to feel your cock thrusting inside me. I’ve seen my friends getting fucked and they love it.”
“Okay, why don’t you get undressed and I’ll show you how many guys will fuck you.”
“Okay,” Joanne said as she pulled off her tank top and slipped out of her shorts.
I pushed my shorts to the floor and quickly turned her around, put my hand over her mouth, and bent her over the bed.
“Many guys will want to take you like this, so just moan as they enter you and enjoy it,” I said as I slowly pushed my hard nine-inch cock into her body.
“Mmm!” Joanne groaned genuinely. Mine was her first cock and it was much bigger than the surgical tool used to penetrate her hymen.
“Does it hurt?” I asked.
“No. It just feels so big and hard.”
So, I put my hand back over her mouth and began to fuck her. She was moaning with each thrust and was enjoying her first fuck.
After about five minutes, I said, “Now, some guy will be more forceful like this,” I said as I rammed my cock deep into her body.
“Mmm! Mmm!” she moaned loudly each time I hit her cervix.
So, I stopped and asked, “Are you okay?”
“Yes. I just didn’t expect you to push it in so deep and so quickly.”
“Many guys will do that. They see a gorgeous blonde like you and all they want is to fuck you hard until they shoot off.”
“I’m getting aroused. You feel so good inside me.”
“Then I’ll give you an orgasm!” I whispered in her ear as I started to fuck her again.
After a few minutes, Joanne’s body shivered and she moaned. “Mmm!”
So, I rammed into her as her first orgasm swiftly consumed her body. Her tight virgin pussy and her soft blonde hair against my cheek, soon made my cock explode, sending five or six hard spurts of cum against her sensitive cervix.
When Joanne felt it, she raised her ass and moaned. I held my cock against her cervix until I finished, then rolled beside her.
“Wow, Bill. My first orgasm! And it was such a wonderful feeling! Then when I felt you cumming, I almost had another one! This was so special.”
I pulled her on top of me where she went right to sleep. I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair and began to get aroused, so I eased her onto her back and slowly pushed my cock into her cum-soaked pussy.
“Mmm. You’re fucking me again?” she asked sleepily.
“Yes. You’re a gorgeous fuck. Put your legs around my waist.”
When she did, I was able to push further into her.
“Oh! I love this position! We can kiss as we fuck.”
“I know. It’s my favorite position.”
“Mmm. Mine too.”
For the next three days, I taught Joanne about sixty-nine, cowgirl, and a few other positions, but she liked the missionary position the best. She thoroughly enjoyed our days and nights together. Joanne was the first girl who I let spend the night with me. We’d make love for hours, then fall asleep completely exhausted.
Joanne had a fetish that I loved. She liked to suck me off while I was asleep! The first time she did it, I thought I was dreaming until I started to shoot off. Then I woke up and pushed her face down against my stomach. She coughed and gagged a couple of times, but was thrilled that I’d slept through most of her middle-of-the-night blowjob. Joanne started to do that every night and once I even slept through my climax! Even though I groaned as I spurted in her throat, I didn’t wake up. That made her so happy that she woke me up to tell me.
But I had to let her go and move on to another teenager. I was falling for Joanne and that was not good.
– – – – –
Pleiades Pleasure Planet 3My next sweet little thing was Ashley; another blue-eyed blonde that I knew I was going to enjoy. She was so gorgeous and so innocent! I couldn’t wait to get my cock into her darling mouth.
“Ashley, many guys like to get a blowjob in this position,” I said as I straddled her chest and pinned her hands to the bed.
“I’m scared, Bill. I don’t know what to do.”
“Just suck me cock without your teeth touching me. And take as much as you can.”
“Okay,” she replied.
As Ashley opened her mouth, she looked up at me with those big blue eyes that seemed to say, “I’m still afraid that I would do it right.”
“Oh, sweetie! Your little mouth feels so good,” I whispered as I started to thrust in and out.
“Mmm!” she protested when I tried to push down her throat. “Am I supposed to take it down my throat?” she asked.
“If you can. But it will take some practice.”
Then I leaned forward, she opened her throat, and I slowly pushed all nine inches of my cock down her throat.
“Agh!” Ashley gagged, but let me fuck her throat until I was ready to cum. Then I pushed all the way down and let my cock spurt a half dozen streams of warm cum into her stomach.
“You did that well, Ashley. You’re a natural.”
“Well, I must confess that I’ve been practicing with a foot-long hotdog. I can take it all.”
“Yeah. And…well.”
“Well, I’ve been using it to fuck myself too. I push it in until it hits my cervix, then have a wonderful orgasm.”
“I’d like to see that.”
“No. I want to feel a real cock inside me. You can fuck me right now if you want to.”
As Ashley had been confessing, she’d been sucking my cock back to its normal stiffness. It was our first time together and she was ready to fuck, so who was I to deny her the thrill of her first fuck on a real cock?
“You know, this is highly irregular. I usually teach a girl how to give head for the first week.”
“But I already know how! Didn’t you like shooting off in my throat?”
“Of course, I did. It’s just that all the other girls I’ve trained required almost a week to learn how to deep throat.”
“Then you didn’t like the way I did it,” she said as her gorgeous blue eyes filled with tears.
“No, no, sweetie. You were amazing at deep throat. I’ve just never had a girl who’d been practicing with a foot-long hotdog before,” I said as I wiped away the tears that had begun to run down her cheeks.
“Okay. Then we can make love?” Ashley asked as she put her arms around my neck and kissed me.
“Yes, we can,” I said as I slowly pushed my hard cock into her body.
“Mmm! You feel so much better than a hotdog,” she moaned as she wrapped her legs around my waist.
I slid one hand under her nice ass, grabbed a handful of her soft blonde hair with the other, and we fucked for at least twenty minutes before shot my load.
“Mmm. I like it when you cum inside me. It feels so sensuous! And I love this position too.”
“It’s called the missionary position. I’ll show you several more.”
“Okay,” she said, then kissed me. “Can I spend all day with you? You can show me all of the positions.”
“I guess, but a guy has to rest between climax; a girl doesn’t.”
“I know. While you were fucking me, I had three orgasms!”
“I noticed.”
After a short nap, I fucked Ashley from behind with my hand over her mouth as I’d done with Joanne. She loved it when I rammed into her repeatedly. She quickly had two nice orgasms sweep through her body.
“Oh, Bill! I really like the way you just take me like that. It’s so exciting and primitive. I like being used like that.”
“That’s what PPP is all about; guys using any girl he wants.”
“Oh, it’s going to be so exciting to walk around on my first day and have some guy take me the way you did! Maybe you could walk behind me and make a video of him doing me!”
“I suppose I could do that.”
“Oh, thank you, Bill! I love you!” Ashley yelled, then kissed me and I took her from behind again.
– – – – –
Pleiades Pleasure Planet 4My next trainee was Chelsea, a gorgeous girl with long, light brown hair, and a smile that made me melt.
“Hi, Chelsea. You are a gorgeous girl!”
“Thanks, Bill. I’m ready to get started. As I understand it, we start with you teaching me how to give a blowjob. Is that right?”
“It is. I guess you read the brochure.”
“More than once. I can’t wait to feel your cock in my mouth and to feel it shoot off.”
“Good! Then why don’t you kneel down and I’ll show you how to give head.”
When Chelsea was on her knees, she looked up at me with that adorable smile as I slid my fingers into her soft wavy hair.
“I’ve read all of the stuff on the internet about giving head, so let me try it and you tell me if I do it right. Okay?”
Chelsea was eager to get started and had done more homework than any of my other trainees. So, to test her knowledge, when she opened her mouth and took my cock in, I pulled her face to my stomach and forced my cock down her throat. She gagged just once, then let me fuck her throat for a good fifteen minutes before I shot off.
“Mmm!” Chelsea moaned with surprise when the first spurt hit her throat, but she hung in there until I finished.
“Oh, wow! I love giving head! And the way you forced yourself down my throat was so erotic! I almost had an orgasm!”
“You did a great job, sweetie. I don’t think I can teach you much more, except for the different positions to give a blowjob.”
“Oh! I want to learn them all! What are they?” she asked excitedly.
“Well, there’s a good position with the guy sitting down and you on your knees.”
“Yeah. I’ve seen my sister do that. What else?”
“Well, my favorite is this position. Lay down on the bed,” I said.
After Chelsea laid down, I straddled her chest, pinned her hands down, and pushed my cock down her throat before she had time to react.
“Mmm!” she moaned but didn’t fight me. She just looked up at me briefly, then closed her eyes and let me fuck her throat.
After a few minutes, I stopped and said, “That’s a good position. This one is called sixty-nine.” Then I turned around and hovered over her nice body before spreading her legs and going for her nice pussy. Once there, I licked her clit.
“Oh, Bill! I like this position,” she said, then took my cock into her mouth.
After slipping my feet under her head, we had sixty-nine for almost thirty minutes. Chelsea had three hard and lengthy orgasms before I filled her throat with cum.
In the afternoon, I showed her how she’d be fucked most often. Like I’d done with Joanne, I fucked her from behind with my hand over her mouth. And I didn’t go easy on her. I rammed her hard, each thrust making her lunge forward. She was moaning with each thrust; her eyes were tightly closed; but by the way she moaned, I knew that she liked it.
Chelsea’s virgin pussy was so tight and her hair was so soft against my cheek, that I didn’t last long. When I felt my climax building, I made one final thrust and let my cock spurt its full load of cum until my balls were empty once again.
When I finished, I was exhausted, so I rolled beside her to catch my breath.
“Wow! That was so erotic the way you forced yourself into me and didn’t stop! I like it that way.”
“Many guys do, so expect to be taken like that often.”
But when I showed Chelsea the missionary position, she couldn’t get enough. She had one orgasm after another until I shot off and ended her marathon.
“Oh wow! That is my favorite position now! I had four orgasms!”
“I know.”
“I have a good idea. After my training, you can take me to dinner and after a while, you can stand up, push me to the floor, and fuck me through three or four orgasms while everyone watches. That would be so exciting!”
– – – – –
We did what Chelsea suggested and everyone in the restaurant watched in silence, spellbound until I groaned loudly to indicate my climax. Then everyone applauded, happy to see such an amazing fuck.
– – – – –
Pleiades Pleasure Planet 5My next trainee was another gorgeous blonde, Dianna. The moment I saw her, I fell in love. She was just so damn gorgeous and beautiful. Dianna was going to be fun to train and hard to let go of. Her body was made for sex with large breasts, a flat tummy, and an ass that I wanted to fuck. I usually don’t train my girls to have anal sex, but Dianna was going to get my cock up her ass!
Although she was twenty years old, she’d never been fucked or given head, so I was going to enjoy training her.
I started with a nice, slow blowjob, going deeper and deeper until she gagged. Then I straddled her chest and fucked her mouth that way until I filled it with cum. She gulped it all down and wanted more, so I let her suck me until I was hard again. Then I ripped her bikini off, flipped her over, and fucked her hard for almost twenty minutes. My hand over her mouth seemed to excite her because she had five or six orgasms before I shot off.
Then I rolled over, leaving my cock inside her as I pulled her on top of me. I massaged her nice breasts and had her moaning and yearning for another orgasm as my cock started to grow again.
“Fuck me again, Bill. I really like it from behind with your hand over my mouth. That turns me on.”
I put my hand over her mouth and whispered in her ear, “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, Dianna. I don’t want anyone else to have you.”
“Mmm. I was thinking about how nice it would be if I was yours alone. But it’s too early to think about that.”
“Let’s just see how things go. Okay?”
I took Dianna through all of my standard training, not at all happy to think that dozens of other men would be fucking her after I was finished with her. We spent two weeks together; made love every night until midnight; then slept late the next morning. Dianna was special and I wanted to keep her.
One morning she said, “Bill, when I finish my training, we can get married so no other men will touch me.”
“I would love that, Dianna, but I have a job to do for at least another two years.”
“I know. You can continue to train young girls. I won’t mind knowing that it’s me that you love.”
“You can live with that?”
“Sure, sweetheart. Just be prepared to come home and fuck me every night,” she said with a sly smile.
– – – – –
Pleiades Pleasure Planet 6Becky was my next little trainee. She had long dark brown hair and a body to die for. She was eager to learn and had a sultry look that said, “I’m going to learn how to fuck your brains out.”