[ Very much inspired by my friends A & T; and dedicated to all other cuck-hubbies who have had similar such experiences and reactions after words! ]

This was by no means the first time my wife and I had gone to Africa in search of both incredible sex for Mara (my wife), but with the deliberate intention of her becoming pregnant while there (and to increase that particular chance, we had timed our arrival in Morocco, to the coastal city of Agadir, to as close to Mara’s most fertile time of the month).

Our last, and very successful similar occasion, had taken place in Nairobi, Kenya, with Omar, a somewhat older Zambian man than either Mara or I; and now, she and I were both extremely eager for her to bring back home another mixed-race off-spring.

On this occasion, Mara had wanted to participate with more than just one man (as things had turned out in Kenya); and I was able to locate an amazing number of very eager, and very willing, sperm ‘donors.’ In fact, the number of possible donors had rapidly risen from several local men in the area of Agadir, to over a dozen. Mara was pleased by such an enthusiastic response, but a dozen or more donors were, from a practical stand-point, too many. It was, as the saying goes an ’embarrassment of riches!’ So, as the months came and went before we flew down there, she and I together narrowed the list down to the four top choices. It had been more than a little bit exciting to pour over that long list of hopeful donors in search of the ones that Mara (and I, as well) thought of as the most desirable candidates.


Agadir was the best choice for what Mara and I were seeking. It was an interesting place, and with a wide variety of people, and not just from Europe as tourists, but from other parts of Africa, as well. When I’d begun looking for possible sperm donors, as I had when Mara and I were planning to go to Kenya the year before, we were not merely interested in any other man’s sperm with which Mara could become pregnant by. In fact, the first to respond to our search were white (mostly expat European men in their 60’s). What Mara and I were really interested in was the sperm from an African male, such as had been the case with Omar! Happily, there were a lot of African men from all over Africa that lived and worked in Agadir; and it was to among that particular ethnic group that Mara and I eventually settled on the four we did.

Planning our vacation to Agadir was exciting, and as the time drew ever closer to when we would fly there, we became even more excited.

This vacation, in contrast to the one to Nairobi, would be more complicated by the fact that we would be traveling, not as a couple, but as a family. The offspring of Omar and Mara would naturally be accompanying us. So it was relatively clear that I would not be as free to be a witness to Mara and the four African men we were (hoping) to meet there; but that was fine. Besides, even as she and I began to decide on where next to visit (and where, and with whom she was to breed with), I assured her that she would far more freedom, and privacy, to enjoy herself—while I took care of the baby. Indeed, and though it may seem strange to some, our relationship as husband and wife was not of the typical sort. For one thing, sex wasn’t really a big part of our life together as a couple. We were certainly affectionate with each other, but rarely had she and I had intercourse—and I was perfectly fine with this. In fact, my preferred method of sexual release (then, and now) was porn (interracial) and masturbation.