Power and Control

My day started early as usual, 4:30 am with my first task to make the coffee, feed my beautiful little rescue golden retriever and take him our for his business and then settle in to catching up on e-mails and looking at the markets and the new posts on a couple of gay and bi web sites. Just as the lap top was firing up my cell phone gave me the familiar double buzz indicating an incoming text. It was from my friend Don, a guy I have seen for over three years now and it simply inquired “You home?” That loaded two word message brought to mind my relationship with a couple of very nice, masculine straight men that I have seen for years and how our understandings have worked out and worked our for our mutual benefit. Don is a couple of years older than me, a South Boston k** who literally boxed his way out of Southie, in to the service and then in to a great situation as an industrial plumber. He maintains to body of a toned fighter and the self confidence of a guy who can handle himself but also the gentleness of someone who does not need to be reminded of that fact. Married for 47 years to the same woman, a good Catholic of very conservative Italian roots, he is as solid as they come. Up until his wife developed serious health issues they enjoyed a robust and monogamous sex life. When that ended due to her health he sought other means of taking care of his needs. Like a lot of straight men his curiosity brought him to some web sites and to a local cruising spot. I met him there one afternoon after a two week e-mail exchange. That meeting more than three years ago has grown in to a friendship and an understanding that we take care of each other’s needs in private, have become good friends in public and share some hobbies and interests and I take care of his sexual needs without any compromise to his current life. I have taken that deal a number of times since I became single 11 years ago and will take it every time lacking the chance to take another live in man.

That deal is simply reality for many faggots who don’t live in a gay Mecca and who are looking for manly company. So my liaisons begin with a curt text or e-mail, door bell ring, quick hello and off to the bedroom and me to my knees. A lot of my gay friends are appalled that I willingly allow myself to be “exploited” by straight men but I find it to be a very workable solution for all concerned. No complications, no compromises, each knows his role and keeps his place, no strings but mutual respect and very often a friendship bordering on a bromance. In the case of Don’s text that is exactly how it rolls. He showed up at my front door at a bit after 6 am, came in, we chatted a bit about my new dog (always love a man who loves a****ls) and then it was back to the bedroom and down to business. I love giving head to this man. He is in incredible shape, rock hard, big shooter and absolutely revels in the attention I pay to every nerve ending in his private parts. When he cums I take it and keep sucking and keep him right on the edge of levitating out of the leather chair he uses as his throne. He will keep his hands on my head as I do my work for him and will do so until he simply cannot stand it any more and with a slight pressure will signal me “enough.”