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This is a big problem in the house. My husband never likes anything that I cook. Every night while serving dinner, he says I ate outside.”

“Try one special masala. It’s my mother’s recipe, it will make the food tastier.”

“Doesn’t matter. Even if I serve him food worth gold, he will still find faults in it.”

It was evening time and two women were chatting in the balcony, just outside their room doors, in a chawl. One of them was Pramila while the other was her neighbor, Shobha.

“Okay fine. Let’s not talk about that. How is your mother? Is she okay, now?” asked Pramila.

“No, sadly she is in same condition, bed ridden. My brother is there taking care of her, but I wanted to pay a visit. Unfortunately I can’t.” said Shobha.

“Why? what happened?” Pramila was really curious to know her problem.

“It’s my husband, Ramesh. He is unable to get a holiday from work. He can stay here alone while I go but then where will he eat. On working days he can eat in office canteen but what of the weekend. Ramesh doesn’t like spending money in restaurants for food.” Shobha was really frustrated as she was unable to go see her mother.

“I’ll do it. I mean your husband can have food at our place. Rajesh will be home too, so they can spend time chatting.” Pramila gave a solution to Shobha’s problem.

The couple’s financial condition was not good and that is the reason they had to live in a chawl. I such a case it is necessary for Rajesh and Pramila to build good relationship with the fellow residents of the chawl. So this was another desperate attempt of Pramila to strengthen the relationship.

“And what about Vijay?” Pramila asked softly. It was obvious for her to hesitate while talking about Vijay to his mother. After all, she can’t just disclose the information to Shobha that she had sex with her son.

“He will be going with me. Vijay had strong attachment with my mother. So he said that he will come with me, no matter what.” Shobha said. She was happy that Pramila was willing to help. Pramila relieved to knowing that Vijay won’t be staying back.

“Oh look. My son will live 100 years.” Shobha said this cheerfully, “Come Vijay. We were just talking about you.” Shobha said looking at her son.

The moment Pramila got this information that Vijay is coming, she started to panic and then in a rush she spoke,

“Okay. So it’s decided then, Ramesh will have food on weekend with us. Oh look. It’s late, Rajesh will return from work any moment now. I need to go.” Pramila quickly said all this and then headed to the door.

“Good Evening, Pramila Bhabhi.” Vijay greeted.

“Oh..yes.. Good Evenin..” she just had a quick look at Vijay greeting him and then she was gone.

Wednesday morning, Shobha was getting ready to leave. Vijay had already gone down with the luggage. Meanwhile Shobha was doing a last memory check if she took everything, with her husband.