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This is the first chapter of the ‘Pramila bhabhi’ series.

“Good Morning! Kinara Shehr!” shouted a woman enthusiastically at the top of her voice.

“Hello, my name is Shanayaa. It’s a bright clear day, free of clouds. 7 O’clock in the clock and so the working class must be getting ready to go for work. The k**s to their schools while the most important people, the housewives, getting their lazy c***dren and husbands ready for their daily routine.”

“…Today I want to talk about new beginnings. Though we all have to follow a routine not all of us enjoy it. Some desperately want to start something new. But they don’t because either they are lazy or because they fear the change or they blame their luck for the change not happening naturally.”

“…To them I say, it’s never too late for a fresh start, the change can bring a good moment or bad. But one thing is for sure that you will gain experience. So while I give you the best of luck for ‘The New Beginning’ for those who are planning to do try, I wish you all ‘Have a good day’.”

This was being said by a sweet-voiced woman on the radio all around the Pune city where the radio sets were turned ON early in the morning. One of the places where the radio set was ON, was in a small kitchen where a woman in a sari was cooking.

A quick tadka in a utensil with oil on gas while she slapped chapati on the pan adjacent to the utensil. She was preparing food perhaps not like a pro but she definitely knew what she was doing.

All the heat from the gas and the fact that the fan was switched off to avoid extinguishing the flame of the gas stove was making her sweat a lot. Still, she continued to cook dedicatedly like any other good housewife.

How do I know she was a housewife? you ask,

Because at that moment she was wearing a mangalsutra around her neck. That’s an ornament made of black beads and gold, which women wear proudly to tell the world that they are ‘happily married’. Only the string of gold-black beads was visible then while the main centerpiece was tucked behind her pallu, perhaps stuck in her cleavage.

Further, she was dressed in a sari of light brown color, with a darker shade blouse. The color of the sari was like that of a coffee with a lot of milk in it, which was almost the same shade as the woman’s skin. The sari was old hinted by the loose stitchings at various places.

The torn places retrofitted with brown patches apparently of a different shade. The blouse was tight hinting that it was something she had been wearing since she was younger. Her dress was soaked with sweat at places where it was a tight fit around her skin.

She had long dark-brown almost black hair which was tied at the moment to avoid interrupting her in her job she was doing at the moment. She didn’t have fair skin but she was a beauty none the less with smooth spotless skin and a curvy figure 36-28-36.