Kevin and I had seen each other a few times. Neither he nor I wanted a relationship and he was more than happy to let me go down on him on a regular basis to satisfy my oral cravings. We generally met up on Tuesdays, during our lunch break. This particular Tuesday it was Spring was in the air and we were able to go out for a walk on a long multipurpose trial that generally was used by cyclists. We walked about a mile and came up to an abandon century old building. Kevin suggested we dip back behind the building to have a little fun. As soon as we got out of eye sight of the trail we embraced and we passionately kissed.

We gyrated our hips together as he quickly removed my blouse and bra then he started fondling my naked breasts. I reached down and undid his pants without breaking our kiss. He followed by pushing down my pants a few inches allowing him access to my pussy and clit. We kept kissing as we mutually masturbated each other. His fingers alternated teasing my clit and then sliding into my vagina. He started to whisper in my ear, that I was a hot fucking slut and a cheap whore. Dirty talk from Kevin always made me feel delightfully naughty. All of sudden, we heard a couple of cyclists stop and start talking. We each pulled up our pants but he did let me put my top on.

I felt really exposed at that time. The Kevin being the naughty boy he is, then started to pinch my nipples trying to get a sequel out of me, which he almost did. I had to push his hand off I gave him a playful scolding look. The cyclist soon sped off. Seconds later, Kevin and I pushed down my pants just over my hips exposing my shaved pussy and allowing his fingering to resume. His fingers were working magic and soon I was getting close. Kevin sensed this and pulled out teasingly.

I knew it was my turn, to give him some pleasure. I got on my knees, he pulled his cock up, and told me to suck his balls. His balls were a bit sweaty as I willingly licked and gently sucked each ball. Kevin released his thick magnificent cock and I knew he wanted me to wrap my mouth around it. No sooner did I put him in my mouth he had his hands on my head, “Damn Sara, I been dreaming of fucking your mouth all week. “

Kevin was in rare form, as he had not been this aggressive with me before. He thrusted deep into my mouth, controlling the in and out. “Mmmmmm that feels so good honey, “he moaned naughtily. He pulled out I looked up and said “wow, what the fuck got into you.?” He let go of my head and let me have some of the control back. However, I was feeling naughty so I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth. Reaching to both sides of his waist I found his hand and placed them on my head again. “Oh! you dirty slut, you liked that mouth fucking, didn’t you!” I ceded control to Kevin, and he started to move my head to a pace of his liking. The feeling of his thick cock pushing its way into the back of mouth and then retreating was exhilarating.