Professor Gnanavi Tease Nandini Part oneProfessor Gnanavi Tease Nandini Part one 2

I am Gnanavi. Being a college professor came with more perks than I could have ever known. I tell you, the students these days are sexier and hornier and flirtier than I would have ever thought possible. Being a woman professor, it was difficult to get along with my mostly male colleagues but getting along with my students has never been a problem.

Late in the spring semester I had a young student come to my office to inquire about my course for the Summer and Fall sessions. She was beautiful with full lips and perfect round tits with little nips poking out at me through her t-shirt. Her blonde hair came past her shoulders, her legs, tanned from the recent heat wave were deliciously brown against her jean cut-offs. I was getting warm in my slacks and button up shirt just looking at her.

“My name is Nandini and I’m a sophomore” she said, “I came directly to you to find out how difficult your class is and what kind of assignments and projects you give.“

I explained my class was not a cakewalk but with organization and time management most students seem to pass. She seemed to be hesitant and I sensed worry in her deep blue eyes. I told her she could sit-in on my Summer course to see if she could handle the Fall course. She seemed reassured at the idea and she left my office smiling and left me with a slight little tingling between my legs.

It was about 5 weeks until the Summer session began and the image of Nandini flashed into my mind a few times but by the first day of summer class I had pretty much forgotten our brief encounter until she walked into my class. She was still gorgeous with that blonde hair kissed by the sun, her shoulders slender and tanned brown and nipples straining against the cotton fabric of her tank-top with the outline of the curves of her breasts prominent through the thin material. Her legs seemed even longer in the super short shorts she wore. On her feet were sandals with just enough heel to make those calves cut.

She sat in the front row and I had a difficult time concentrating on taking the roll. When it came to handing out the course syllabus Nandini spoke up and offered to help. As I handed her the stack of syllabuses, her hand brushed my breast, the electric feeling almost caught my breath, I searched her eyes for recognition of what had occurred and her gaze did not meet mine but her mouth had a sly smile that made me wonder if she if fact had brushed against me on purpose. Throughout the class as I lectured she took notes and every once in awhile I would catch her licking her lips, it seemed seductively or maybe I was just so turned on by her brief touch I imagined it.