Professor Gnanavi Tease Nandini Part twoProfessor Gnanavi Tease Nandini Part two 2

The weather report said it was going to be a really warm day and I was so glad to be free of work! All work and no play was not an option for this professor.

It was early Friday afternoon and I was driving with the top down on my Chrysler, shorts on, sneakers, and a comfy t-shirt with weekend supplies in the trunk headed to pick up the sexiest co-ed on campus. As I pulled into the driveway of her apartment complex I found my heart started to race

Nandini came skipping out of her place with her blonde locks swept up in a ponytail with a few soft wisps hanging down. She was wearing very short cut-offs, faded and frayed but very sexy on her. Her top of course was a skimpy tank, tight and showing off her beautiful breasts.

She threw her backpack in the back seat and vaulted over the car door into the seat without ever touching the door handle. She turned and grinned, “I always wanted to do that!” Her blue eyes were shining and I could feel the lust building between my legs as I let my eyes sweep from her delicious thighs up to tits begging for my mouth.

“Professor you are a naughty girl! She exclaimed as my eyes raked over her body. I tossed my head back and laughed, threw the car in reverse and pulled out of the complex.

We found ourselves on the highway and made small talk. I was finding it hard to concentrate on the road while concentrating on those thighs. About an hour into the drive I decided to pull over at a rest stop to tinkle. Nandini stayed in the car as I found the ladies room and went to pee.

After using the toilet I washed my hands and was reaching for a paper towel when two hands covered my breasts and lips were sweeping against the back of my neck. As I whirled around, Nandini took both of my hands, paper towel still clenched in my fist and she held them by the wrist and pulled them up above my head.

She slowly backed me against the wall and with her free hand she was pulling up my shirt. My heart started to race and my breath was coming quick. As she pulled up my shirt she also managed to free one of my tits from the confines of the bra. Her mouth descended on my nipple. Her mouth on me was incredible. As I stared to moan she released her grip on my hands and her hands roamed my body and finally ended up squeezing my crotch. She started to caress my pussy through my shorts. I was in heaven! My pussy was on fire and I was enjoying the little nibbles her mouth was giving my nipple. Her hand left my pussy and was working on releasing my waistband. She finally got the button undone and could feel the zipper being lowered. I closed my eyes, taking in the feeling her mouth was making and anticipating what was to follow. Her hand was finding its way into my panties and when her fingertips brushed my clit I almost came.