From the view of Dale

It had been a few weeks since I had fucked Julia. Since then I had not been on a similar shift with her. I took the risk of sending her flirty emails and texts, which she responded too, but I had not had the chance to see her again. It was driving me mad. I just wanted to fuck her so badly, the sex was great last time, but I knew it was just a taster. I found myself wanking off over her constantly, searching for photos or watching her live. Now I had tasted her pussy and seen her body in all its womanly glory, I just wanted Julia more and more. My wife was hassling me too, I just was not interested in her. She did not turn me on like Julia.

Then my luck came in, we had a cross over on presenting, so agreed to meet up in the canteen for a chat. It was the Christmas party 2008 coming up, I was hoping we could arrange a fuck session. When I got in waiting for her in the canteen, I knew she had been on doing a pilates show, I was hoping she had her usual tight fitting lyrca on for when we caught up.

As I sat there in the canteen, I looked up and saw her come in, she was wearing her usual tight fitting lyrca. I had an instant hard on.

She was sweaty from the show, she always liked to demonstrate on the machines and work up a sweat. She had her hair tied back but looked stunning. Debbie went over to speak to her. Julia was not too chatty with the other females, but her and Debbie seemed to get on. Debbie was quite fit. Similar body type to Julia, without the massive boobs. As Julia walked over to me, I saw Debbie looking her up and down, checking her out. She was a sight to behold doing a pilates show, loads of men would have been watching and wanking off, as she moved around and opened her legs, whilst looking at the monitors. She was filthy. Catherine was trying, as was Claire, with more tight fitting lyrca for the those shows. I was sure they had their fans too.

Julia sat next to be but was a little distant, we had to be, as we did not want anyone else to suspect. The way her lyrca was stretched out by her big boobs, tuned me on, especially as there were dribbles of sweat dripping into her cavernous cleavage and then disappearing. I imagined it being my fresh cum. It was hard to talk to her, without wanting to fuck her hard there and then. Julia flicked her hair giggling away and we agreed to stay over after the Christmas party in a hotel room. We only spoke for a few minutes then we had to go our separate ways. As she got up and left, I was almost dribbling as I watched her walk away. The lyrca was so tight on her arse. She had put a bit of weight on and the lyrca and leggings seemed even tighter than usual. She had a bra on, no way her massive boobs would have been as upright, but I could not decide what she was wearing for pants. Maybe a thong, nothing was visible. All I saw was the hypnotic sway of her fat buttocks.