From the view of Julia


I could feel his gaze on my naked body as I walked back to bed and got in the covers.

“That body of yours. You are so womanly, so voluptuous. You turn me on, like no other.” Dale said.

I smiled and kissed him. The affair was getting on for 6 months now. My relationship with my partner had been sterile and did not fulfil me for a long time now. I had other random flings, but felt like something more, I liked Dale’s devotion and that he was a few years younger than me. We had some good times and a bit off threesome action too. But Dale; no. We looked good together, people at work said that, especially when we presented. He was the housewives favourites and well I was the men’s favourite. Sex was ok, but I wanted a lot more. He was not that big and had no connections for me either. He was needy too. I had to tell him we could not meet up next Thursday because I had a business meeting.

“How will you repay me then Julia.”

“With these.” I said. As I reached next to the bed and thrown him across my knickers.

“They are yours now. Please feel free to do what you want with them. I don’t want them back.” I laughed.

It has been at least 2 years since I had received any money from The Brass. I was not sure if his business was struggling or not. I had seen him briefly at work, got the usual free gifts, but his, so called “favourite presenter”, wanted the extra money. I had this arrangement going for 8 years now and have been doing well from it. Little tease here, flash there and I got my free gifts when he visited. The real money came from being his plus one when he business in the UK.

We had done some good deals in this time and I earned some good money, which I had got use too. It was easy: show up, look good, be nice, help get the deal done and maybe turn on his client, that seemed to get The Brass nice and hard too. If we stayed overnight, have sex with The Brass. The sex was not great great. It was better at the start. The Brass was a big American man, probably early 60’s by now, but had got fatter, the longer I have known him and wasn’t the most attentive in bed. Still it was the power and money, that got me wet for him. The only difficulty was making sure I could make the date and pass it off as a business trip, which in many ways it was.

I got the email last week of the meeting. I was excited. No confirmation of the money but the brief was straight forward. A spa date, which would involve meeting a very important customer, Mr Wang. Spa clothes and evening dress, plus a bit for the bedroom. They would be my only outgoings.