QVC Julia: The Affair Part 6 – Revenge of the Mrs
From the view of the Mrs.

As I closed my hotel door and walked across the corridor to open her door, the anger was still there, but what had surprised me was how turned on I was. Ever since I watched that video and Charlie and Claire, and even bought some lingerie. I felt different somehow. I’d even bought a tool kit and was turned on about what I was going to do with.
When I entered the room, I was very quiet. I could hear Julia resting, she was just round a slight corner, so I was out of sight but no more than 5 metres away from that bitch who had teased and possibly fucked by Dale.

Firstly, I opened my tool bag and got changed. On went my gimp mask and my sexy lingerie. I decided that I didn’t want Julia to know who it was, not that she would recognise me and maybe give her a freight, well I certainly looked freaky in it. I had bought my equipment over the past 6 weeks, so new it all worked well. The gimp mask was comfortable enough. I wanted to feel sexy, that’s why I bought some lingerie. I bought a pearl thong, as I liked the feel of the pearls against my clit as I got on with my business.

I then put on a mesh type bra, I didn’t need any support and needed to move freely. I slipped on my 6-inch heels, they made me well over 6 feet. Along with carrying a far bit of weight. I would have a threatening disposition. I giggled to myself as I put my lingerie on. Not only due to the cold sensation of the pearls tight against my pussy, but Dale. I put this outfit on for him two nights ago. I’ve never been like this before and then suddenly within a couple of months he gets me in some sexy lingerie. He wasn’t interested as was the norm but he seemed to make the effort. He kept saying his cock was sore. Sore from wanking off all the time to that bitch, just 5 metres away from me I thought.
But I wasn’t as upset. I had bought this lingerie for his favourite sexual fantasy mistress. They were for my pleasure, whilst I humiliated her. I picked up my open bag by the handles, keeping it wide open as I quietly, in my heels, walked to see Julia.

As I looked at her all defenceless and vulnerable, I saw what Dale liked. Julia was in good shape for a woman well in her fifties and was curvy. She had quite toned arms and legs but did have a belly on her. Her loved big boobs and she certainly had them. They were quite saggy, with stretch marks on them, but they were big and were very inviting. Her areolas were darker than I thought; round and big, in fact perfectly symmetrical. Her hair was far too dark and long for a woman of her age and she had a fair amount of make up on. No doubt she fancied herself buying any outfit like this and prancing around in it before she got put to sleep.