From the view of Julia

It was around 1999 when I started to release my body become womanlier. Could have been the effects of c***d births, putting on a bit of weight or my hormones. I was always in decent shape, as an ex dancer and model, well proportioned. It was like I had just filled out a bit more all round, especially more to my boobs, which had swelled up a fair few cup sizes. I wouldn’t say I was an hourglass type, more apple type, but I had a good round bum and was more top heavy. I was attractive, maybe that was the luck of the genes, who knows.

I had started to sense the looks of men in the background more and more, at work and beyond. I was settled into a job, I had been in for a few years, c***dren older, I was ready for a new stage in my life. I had settled for a partner a few years older than me but with a little money. People commented he was batting out of his league, but I liked that. I wanted his complete devotion. I wanted complete control. I started to feel I wanted more. More for my life. I liked the finer details; I was materialistic. I also felt a growing and deepening sexual desire.

“Oh my, where have they come from.” Debbie exclaimed.

I was sharing a dressing room with Debbie. She was doing some training and getting ready to be a presenter in the next few months. She was a friend at work and was very, well, upfront with me and leading me down an increasingly darker path. Her own path turned out to be much, much darker than I ever imagined. She was out of the shower room. Drying her hair with a towel with some small pants on. She was very well proportioned, a more hourglass body, very firm and hard with nice boobs. She was sexually confident.

“Lets us give them a feel.” She said.

She walked over, with her boobs bouncing around and gave my boobs a squeeze.

“Plenty of meat there hey Julia.” She laughed.

I didn’t feel I was that interested in women. Had the odd kiss. I was definitely a lady’s man. I got the impression that Debbie was split though.

“Almost as perky as mine.” She giggled.

Debbie was about 6 years younger than me then, around 37 or 38. I think she wanted me to touch her boobs, but I just looked at them and smiled. They were very perk and looked firm.

I was always very professional. I knew what I had to do and was successful at it. Other areas I knew I could use untapped skills, much much more. These skills I was about to take into the next level.

The next few months, encouraged by Debbie, I wore more low-cut tops, started to get flirtier, especially at work. Even spent more money on my hair, which was always in great condition. I noticed how I was becoming more and more successful. By the time Debbie was presenting and settled. She was pointing out, how I was receiving more and more free gifts from suppliers, a promotion and even the more luxurious trips away to meet suppliers. Not to mention my fan mails. They were getting more and more explicit, as Debbie would say. I certainly had a fair few male fans. All of this did turn me on more and more.