In the privacy of their own home, Kamea was allowed to experiment and try anything sexually she might be curious about. However, her parents did make it clear that Evan would never penetrate her with his huge penis, not her vagina, rectum or her mouth and that she should always keep in mind that her virginity could only be given once. Maylea told her about the sex toys they already had and they would get more along with DVD’s and books. They would teach her everything they knew, not only about sex but also life in general.

As for Kamea’s home life, no c***d was ever loved more. She shared her Mom’s interest in cooking and keeping things clean and tidy, including their home and their bodies.

She learned very early in life that her home life was different from others and what happened at home, stayed at home. Any time they were at home alone clothes were always optional and, of course, all three were usually naked.

Nothing was ever kept hidden from Kamea; any question she asked was answered truthfully. Evan and Maylea openly showed their love and affection for Kamea and each other.

When Kamea was about ten years old she had asked, first her Mom and then her Dad, about their lives growing up and what they missed the most.

Maylea told Kamea about the beauty of her home land. As for her family, she missed her mother and brothers and sisters but her father was a harsh man and he had destroyed any love she had for him. Sexually, she missed the group sex where she could have all her holes filled at the same time and she missed the touch of another woman.

Evan told Kamea much of the same thing. He had loved living in Hawaii and on the outer island but he loved Maylea so much he would love living anywhere as long as he was with her. He missed his mother and one brother and one sister but the others agreed with his father about his marriage to Maylea. Sexually, he thoroughly enjoyed anal sex and sucking cock.

Both of them told Kamea that their love for each other and that the sex they shared more than made up for anything they gave up to be together. Now they looked forward to sharing their life, love and sex with her.

After Kamea had her first period Maylea asked her if she wanted to go on birth control pills. Kamea told her mom that it wasn’t necessary because she wasn’t doing anything at home that could get her pregnant. She told them that she may never need birth control because she agreed with them that she would only give her virginity once and that she had decided, it would be given to the man she intended to marry and have babies with.

Maylea asked her how she ever expected to meet this person if she never dated. Kamea was laughing when she told them she expected to date guys and hope to have sex with people her own age. She had learned from them that there are lots of ways to enjoy sex without giving up her virginity.