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My name is Nani. I live in Visakhapatnam. My age is 28 and I am unmarried. My height is 5.8 and I have a good looking body.

Let’s move to our story.

A few days back, I went to my friend’s marriage in a town near to our city. I reached there at the time of 8 pm. I met my friends – both boys and girls. Two persons drew my attention there.

Person 1: My ex-girlfriend Anu

She was married to a rich guy 2 years ago. Her boobs size is 32B or 32C. She has a Slim body with a small tummy. She was 5 feet in height. She is a very selfish girl.

Person 2: My friend Sandhya

Sandhya is a beautiful girl with a normal skin tone. Height nearly 5 ft and boob size 34B.

She is an innocent and decent girl. I always had an eye on her. But I never got any chance to talk dirty or fuck her.

After the reception was over, the preparation for the marriage ceremony was started.

I moved to the gallery to watch it and took a seat. From there, I started watching ‘nature’.

Sorry guys, nature means everything includes in that. Beautiful nature, beautiful views, feelings, emotions, especially beautiful girls and beautiful women.

By watching them, I feel very relaxed and I get peace of mind.

I and my friends started staring at everyone near to us and who were passing in front of us. But, my eyes were not feeling happy by watching them. My eyes were searching for my friend Sandhya and my ex-gf Anu.

Twenty minutes later, I saw my Anu. She was wearing a black blouse and a green saree. I couldn’t take off my eyes off her. She was like a sex bomb.

She was standing near the bride on the reception stage. I could see the edges of her nipples on the saree. Sandhya was standing beside her.

They both looked very hot. My dick was dancing inside.

Then we all went to have dinner. There I talked to my ex-girlfriend.

Our small conversation was like this,

Me: Hi, Anu.
Anu: Hi.

Me: How is your life?
Anu: Not bad.

Me: Hmm, what else?
Anu: Nothing, what’s going on??

Me: What?
Anu: I saw you were staring at me and Sandhya.

Me: Yes, you both are looking awesome.
Anu: Ahaaa, but your eyes were staring more at Sandhya.

Me: Ya baby, after your marriage, I remained alone and wasn’t interested in getting into a relationship with anyone. But, every human body has needs. Whenever I see Sandhya, I just want to fuck her.

Anu: Idiot, how can you think like that. She is our friend.
Me: Ok, can you do me a favor?

Anu: Yes, if I can.
Me: I want to have sex with you today. Please, baby.

After a lot of hesitation, my ex-gf finally said yes and told me to wait in her room.

I entered her room with a lot of expectations and kept the door open. I was eagerly waiting for Anu.