[ For Michael, an xhamster member, who asked me to write something in remembrance of that time (in 1973) during Fleet Week when coming into the San Francisco bay he was so eager to get off the ship and find some serious sexual indulgence after tossing about on the South China Sea! This is for you, Michael! Hope it does justice to what you’ve told me about it! ]

I’d been stuck on the South China Sea for months. During that time everything around me seemed one, uniform, drab grey. The ship was grey! The ocean seemed grey! The sky was grey! Even the food had a grey tint to it! So, as we floated in the San Francisco Bay, I was seriously horny; and as many of my fellow sailors were champing at the bit to fuck some pussy (any pussy at all at that point!), I was heading to see someone else entirely!

I’d met David on two other occasions when I was on shore leave. I’d come across him through another sailor who had told me about him; about how amazing he was. “He’ll milk your fucking balls dry!” He went on to say: “But, he’s gonna make you work fucking hard to get there! There’s no free orgasm with him. None. But, your gonna LOVE how you get there! He’s gonna wring you out, buddy. Like you ‘aint never been wrung out before! I mean it. You gotta go over and try it yourself sometime. Seriously. You’ll LOVE it, man.” So, I was understandably intrigued by my friends enthusiastic endorsement; and I called the guys number, chatted with him briefly, and set up a time the next afternoon to go over there.

When I got there, the guy, David, and I, sat around his apartment for a while just chatting. As we did, I noticed a wooden bench-like thing setting to one side of the room. I asked him about it. He smiled and said: “That’s what I call a ‘milking bench.’ ”

I was intrigued by it. He explained how it worked. I was even more intrigued than ever by what he said about it! I told him about my friend who had told me about him, and what he did with interested guys. He didn’t remember my friend. “But I see a lot of men, you see! I probably have milked your friend. I just don’t remember.”

We chatted a little bit more, and then he asked if I was interested in experiencing what he had to offer; and, since I was incredibly horny, I immediately said that I’d certainly like to give it a try!

He had me take off every stitch of clothing I was wearing, and when I had done so, he led me over to the ‘milking bench’ and he expertly went about strapping down onto it. As he did, I admit I felt a brief moment of…panic? Uncertainty? Worry? Whatever it was, it passed fairly quickly.