I have just landed in your again and staying in my room at the Conrad. It is a dark and stormy morning and you’d agreed to stop by on your way to work. I’ve just checked in and taken a shower after the long flight, unpacked my things and excited to be seeing you.

You arrive at 7am under dark cloud with the rain sluicing down outside. I am waiting for you in the lobby. It is wet with rain and people shaking out their umbrellas. You have to be careful not to slip in your heels. You are wearing a blue frock that comes halfway to your knees, revealing sheer stockings and slim legs.

We take the lift to my upper floor and we are alone. We embrace and I lean down to kiss you, and stroke the sides of your body. I feel a tremor of excitement as the elevator reaches my floor, and silently we walk along the corridor to my room, and enter.

You drop your handbag and turn to me, reaching to embrace me in a passionate kiss. I have been waiting for you, thinking of you, and I am erotically charged as you press yourself against me. You are in the same state as you feel my arms, my back, my butt, and press your chest against mine. Inside my jeans I am growing quickly and my hands feel your delicious arse through your sheer dress. We kiss intensely and my tongue feels yours. I take my hands and run them over your flat chest, feeling your stiff nipples pushing through the fabric of your dress. My cock is straining hard inside my jeans and I start to push against you, feeling the softness of your belly. We fall down onto the bed and our height is more equalised. I am lying next to you with one of my legs folded over you. I run my hand along your leg, further up along the inside of your thighs, over your stockings, nestling on your crotch, where I slowly rub and squeeze your pussy. You are writhing and squirming and I can feel the heat through your stockings. I pull up your dress and you lift your bum, hiking your dress around your waist, and see that you are not wearing any panties, and I feel your hot pussy directly through your stockings.

You are squirming like crazy. We have an urgency for each other. Just as my hand feels your pussy, now your hand moves over the front of my jeans and feels the bulge of my stiff cock. Frantically you undo my belt and unbutton my jeans, and slide the zipper down. I am not wearing anything underneath my jeans either and you see the head of my cock swollen, with the tip of it glistening with a drop of semen. You reach down to lick it, and take my head in your mouth, all the time as I force my jeans down around my ankles and tear them off. Quickly I strip off my top and now I am fully naked next to you. And you are still clothed but with your lower half exposed.