She moaned softly, and her tongue got more excited. I
squeezed, and she began to gasp as we kissed, but her
tongue never slowed, getting in fact more excited by the

She pulled back. “That’s fine, but I want to continue
this in bed. My room.” She took my hand, grabbed the
Southern Comfort, and led me to her room.

Her room was already dimly lit with candles, but I could
see her bed covered in a sleek red silk sheet. I also
saw, with some excitement, that there were handcuffs on
the top two metal posts, already latched. To the bottom
two posts, I saw leather straps connected to loops,
which I recognized as ankle restraints. Above the bed on
the wall, in reach of the bed, was a shelf with a whip
and a short length of rope. She set the bottle down on a
table next to the bed, then beckoned me to the bed with
a single finger.

“C’mere. Handle me some more,” she suggested.

I moved to the bed, lying down on top of her, and kissed
her again deeply. I began to fondle her breasts, but she
moved my hands to her moist clit, which was, I now
noticed, unencumbered by panties. I rubbed her clit
softly, sliding a finger in and out of her, and she
moaned softly. I now noticed that the music had been
turned down, and offered to go and turn it back up.

“Forget it. Don’t worry about it. Nobody’ll hear us, or,
at least, they won’t hear me.”

We kissed again, and I began to remove her sweater. Her
breasts bounced as the fabric slid over and off of them,
and I saw for the first time, nipples as large as old
dollar coins, and as hard as my cock. I began to nibble
on them, then bite them, as she moaned and sighed.

“Harder!” she demanded.

I began to bite her nipples hard now, feeling my teeth
bury into her flesh. I sucked each one raw, but she just
moaned ever the more, getting more and more excited as I
got rougher and rougher.

“Restrain me,” she begged.

I nodded, not stopping the force on her breasts, but
grabbing her wrists one at a time, placing them in the
cuffs. When they were both in metal, I moved down to her
ankles, placing them in their appropriate restraint.
Then I began to lick her all over, starting at her toes,
moving to her knee, then her clit, and finally to her
belly button. When I reached her stomach, I deftly
removed her skirt, which was simply snapped on at the
waist, and flung it to the ground.

“Fuck me hard!”

I stood up on my knees between her legs, undoing my
belt, and slid my jeans down and off. Those, too, went
to the floor. Then I slowly slid my cock into her,
rocking into and out of her already very wet hole. She
moaned loudly, and I picked up the pace. I built up to a
rhythm, and she began to moan even louder. I stopped.