“Why’d you stop!” She shouted.

“Because you’re gonna have the cops here with your
moaning,” I retorted. I knew she wanted me in control.

“Well, then, make me be quiet.”

I grinned. I slid back into her, then lay on top of her
and built up a rhythm again, until I felt myself
spasming. I pulled out, coming on her stomach, and she
yelped. “What the fuck was that? I haven’t even gotten
started,” demanded, with disappointment showing in her

“Don’t worry, neither have I.”

First, I cleaned the cum off of her stomach with tissue.
Then, when I started removing her restraints, she
groaned desultorily. When she was free, she sat up, arms

“Maybe this isn’t what I wanted. You should just go.”

I grabbed the whip. Deftly, I unraveled it in front of
her. She stared, but repeated, “Just go.”

“No. I’m not done, and neither are you. Turn over.”

She whimpered, but lay down on her stomach.

“On all fours. Up.” She didn’t move. I cracked the whip
on her sexy ass. She yelped. I repeated, “Up!” more
forcefully, and she stood up on all fours.

I climbed back on the bed, behind her, and slowly
entered her. She moaned, but pouted at me over her
shoulder. I threw back a glance that would have made my
mother back off. I grabbed her hips, pulling them toward
my crotch, and she moaned loudly again.

Slowly, I built up a rhythm to the music that was barely
audible in the other room. She leaned her head back,
moaning so loudly that the wall creaked. I grabbed her
hair, and began to thrust madly. She began to moan and
yell as I did so, and I didn’t stop her for the moment.
Suddenly I slowed, and she looked over her shoulder at

“What, is that it?”

I grinned. “Hardly.” I reached above her head, and
grabbed the rope that was there. Slowly, I placed it
around her neck, looping it two times. She looked at me,
but made no noise. Slowly, I began to thrust again,
tightening the rope as I did.

“Think you’ll stay quiet now?”

She tried to reply, but I stopped her with a quick tug,
and she gagged. Instead, she thrust against me
forcefully, almost begging me to do my worst. I thrust
into her again and again, slowly tightening the rope
around her neck as I did. She tried to moan loudly, but
couldn’t get more than a gasp out. In halting tones, she
said, “Make it last a while. I love being light-headed.”

I tugged the rope more, but not too much, and she threw
her head back, asking for more. Still holding the rope,
I grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled, eliciting an
excited gasp from her. I pounded into her harder, not
tightening the rope too much, until an eternity seemed
to pass, and she came, jism running down our legs. I
didn’t stop.