[ If the theme of interracial sex disturbs you, read no further! ]

I’d taken off the cock ring that I’d promised Brother Dexter I would wear as often as I could. I had showered, and as I toweled off, my wife walked in.

“Hey,” she said with a smile. “How are you doing?”

“I’m good,” I replied.

She didn’t reply.

When I was finished drying off, and I’d hung up the damp towel, I picked up the black cock ring, that I’d laid on the edge of the sink while I’d showered. My wife watched me as I rinsed it with warm soap and water and then dried with a handful of toilet paper. It gleamed with a satiny luster, and then I put the ring back on. As I did, my wife watched.

“You do that with such skill,” she said smiling. “Is it difficult to put on and take off?”

“There’s a technique to doing both,” I answered. “Brother Dexter showed me how to do it. Once you understand it, it’s easy.”

“Does wearing it ever bother you?” She asked. “I mean, is it every uncomfortable for you while wearing it?”

“At first it took time to get used to it, but it didn’t take very long. And yes, sometimes it can be a little bit uncomfortable, but, that’s part of why I wear it. It’s a reminder of my vow, of my commitment to being submissive to Brother Dexter; and of my faith in God.”

“I’m glad it doesn’t hurt while wearing it.” Then she added: “I’m very proud of you for the way you have embraced this.”

“Are you?”

“Of course! You’ve been such an inspiration to me, and I know others feel the same.”

I felt pleased to hear her say that. It helped. It was by no means easy to live the life of a married, but celibate, Christian cuckold. It was an hourly, and daily, and very deliberate choice to maintain. The difficult in remaining that way was sometimes very difficult, but that was the whole point to it! Had it been easy, it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge!

As my wife and I stood there, I could see her increasingly swollen pregnant belly; and I was very well aware that the baby inside of her wasn’t mine. It was Brother Dexter’s. This was not a surprise, of course. It was a natural outcome of having abnegated by sexual role with my wife, and allowing Bother Dexter to be the one for that. That was, after all, the most fundamental relationship he had with the other husbands wives within ‘The Family!’

Brother Dexter was siring a Family of his own, and through the wombs of our own wives, and with our full knowledge and consent, of course.

Standing there with nothing on but the cock ring, I stepped closer to my wife and placed both hands onto her rounded belly. As I stood there, feeling the warmth and smoothness of her belly, my cock had begun to grow erect. She looked down and noticed this; and smiling, she looked up into my face, and after a moment’s pause, she said: “You should do a libation.”