[ WARNING! If the topic of interracial sex bothers you, then do not read any further. Find another story to read. There are plenty to choose from. Thanks. ]

I love my wife. I really do. I love her very much. I love her even though she’s currently carrying another man’s baby! In fact, and this will be difficult for some to grasp, but my love for my wife has not been diminished at all because she’s carrying his baby, instead of mine. The fact that she’s carrying his baby is not an accident, or because she was ‘cheating’ on me and got pregnant in the process. That isn’t it at all. No. She’s pregnant because she and I both decided that this was what we both wanted. She and I are honored that his sperm has fertilized her egg, and become part of an extended ‘family’, of sorts, with not just my wife, but the wives of six other men who are also members of Brother Dexter’s ministry called, appropriately, The Family.

It is nearly impossible for me, or for any other the other members of The Family, to explain why we have all chosen this path to take. But a large portion of it could be summed up in a single word: Atonement. Atonement for what? You may rightly ask. The simple answer is: Atonement for the staggering amount horror, suffering, and degradation that has been perpetrated on blacks, by whites, for literally centuries.

But then there’s the fact that the very idea of ‘whiteness’ is just that, an idea, a mental construct; with no real basis in reality, let alone in biology. Indeed, when you take into consideration that people of color (of whom ‘blacks’ are a part of that large group), make up the vast majority of humans living on Earth, ‘whiteness’ starts to seem more like an aberration, rather than anything else. However, perhaps the single most defining characteristic of ‘whiteness’ is the curious (and perhaps even pathological) need to place themselves at the apex of humanity, while viewing people of color as inferior. People of color have sometimes reacted with v******e towards this, but that does not constitute a form of ‘racism’, as such (though some people will object to this very strongly, and that is their right).

For Brother Dexter, and even though he had grown up in Botswana, was able to see that even with the attempts a racial justice through The Civil Rights Movement in America in the 50’s and 60’s, there was something lacking, something that was still being avoided by even those of a more ‘liberal’ persuasion. For Brother Dexter, the most important next step in white supremacy’s demise, was in the acknowledgement of it’s crimes against blacks, but, and more than that, but sort of hiatus, a moratorium on white sexual reproduction; and for at least a generation and even longer. That could only be accomplish IF a sizable number of white males, married, as well still single, pledged NOT to engage in sexually reproductive acts. One could say that Brother Dexter’s teachings in this regard might best be called a form of Christian, white male, celibacy; and that would include men already married, but who choose NOT to pass on their genes in anyway; even though married to their wives.