[ Caution: If the topic of interracial sex is something that offends you, please read no further. Turn to something else. If, however, you are one of a growing number of men, and women, young, or old, that is fascinated by this particular subject matter, then feel free to read on! Also, I use a religious point of view only as a plot device, so if you are sensitive to that, pro, or con, also be for warned. I use the religious theme in this story because of the long, and fluid nature of the history of religion in general. In other words, one person’s definition of a ‘cult’ can be another person’s devote conviction.]

Authors note: I have written on this particular topic, and using this particular (fictional) character before, but in the light of what has recently captured the attention of the world regarding racism, and it’s many manifestations and impacts, this story, and this main character, seems somehow even more relevant than ever.

To those outside The Family ministry, of which my wife and I have been members now for over eight years, what I am about to relate is going to come across as disturbing to many. Nevertheless, in light of recent event in our nation, I have felt compelled to express myself in this way.

When Cindy and I joined Dexter Mgamba’s small ministry that has become known as ‘The Family’, we’d become increasingly concerned at the deteriorating situation regarding race. Dylan Root had just murdered, deliberately, in cold blood as the saying goes, those nine unsuspecting black people in their church in Charleston, South Carolina.

That sent a shock-wave through our small group (‘The Family’ ministry), because we were part of some in the area thought of as a radical effort at the redistribution of racial power and sexual dynamics! Brother Dexter Mgamba, our leader, had been born in Africa (Botswana, as a matter of fact), and while still there he had begun to create around him a ‘family’ of fellow believers, who understood the deep need of serious, and substantive changes to the way whites had treated all the people of color the world over; and especially (though not limited to) the enforced the enslavement of thousands upon thousands of Africans, men and women, in America.

Beginning in Botswana, and then continuing on later in America, Brother Dexter began a kind of ‘harem’, of sorts, comprised mainly of the wives of the married white couples who began to join with him. The main purpose was not to destroy these couples previous marital relationship, legally, or other wise, but to start the necessary work of racial obliteration through interracial breeding.

So, like all the other husbands, I eventually voluntarily (that’s an important thing to note) gave up my former sexual role with my wife, Cindy, and gave Brother Dexter the right to that; as well as to the impregnation of my wife with his c***dren, rather than my own.

To those on the outside looking in (or trying to), it may seem like a terrible thing to ask a husband to do; and I will not deny the challenges that come with this sort of ‘cuckold lifestyle’, except to say that this was God’s will for me, and once I understood that, it was to Him that I would look to for the strength to carry on.