As our comfort level slowly rises, our boldness returns. You
place your hand on the inside of my thigh and slowly move it
up towards my crotch. As you begin to rub my pussy through
my panties I kiss you harder and deeper. You tug on my
panties, lowering them down past the hem of my dress to my
knees. I moan with pleasure as your fingers gently explore
the folds of my pussy.

We are interrupted by a knock on the door along with a voice
announcing the arrival of our room service. I stay seated on
the edge of the bed while you go to the door. Since the room
is in my name I have to sign the receipt. The young man
delivering our champagne–he cannot be older than
seventeen–brings the slip over to me to sign. When he
notices the position of my panties he blushes in
embarrassment. I act as if nothing is wrong, signing my name
with a bit of a flair before the boy quickly excuses

I ask if you want to open the champagne now, but you reply
that you’d prefer to save if for later, as there is
something else you’d rather taste right now. You kneel on
the floor in front of me, pull my panties all the way off,
and gently spread my legs apart, causing my dress to ride up
to my hips. With my bare pussy displayed in all its glory in
front of you, you lean your face down and start to lick me.
It feels so good, your tongue penetrating me.

After a few good minutes of your tongue in my pussy and on
my clit I stop you, pulling your head up from my crotch by
your chin. I laugh as your lower lip sticks out in a pout,
your mouth gleaming slightly from my pussy juices. I wipe
your mouth off with my hand and give you a big exaggerated
kiss. We stand and I turn my back to you, asking you to take
off my dress. You unzip me and then pull the dress down off
my breasts. I feel your hands run down the sides of my
abdomen and hips as you peel the dress down and off. I kick
the dress away, not caring where it lands. Your hands move
up and caress my breasts as you kiss and nibble my neck. Now
wearing only my garter belt, stockings and heels, I slowly
grind the backside of my naked body against you as your
hands roam all over me.

I turn around so that I am facing you and start to unbutton
your shirt. It takes me a while to accomplish my task, as
you are constantly distracting me with kisses. Finally I
finish and you discard your shirt somewhere near my dress. I
gently run my long nails across your chest and down your
stomach to your waist. I quickly unfasten your buckle and
pull off your belt, then unzip your slacks and pull them
down to your feet along with your underwear.