You discard your pants, shoes and socks as we move the
action back over to the bed. You lay back, propping yourself
up with your arms and spreading your legs to give me easy
access to your cock. I lean over your thigh, grab ahold of
your cock and begin to lick. Your cock grows longer and
harder until it is at full attention, at which point I take
your cockhead between my lips.

As I suck on your erect cock, I feel your hand between my
legs, teasing them open. I spread them slightly so that your
fingers can slip up inside my juicy pussy. We continue this
way for a while, until I feel myself moving close to an
orgasm. But I don’t want to come until I have your cock
inside me. So quickly I change position so that I’m
straddling your cock and I quickly lower myself onto you.
With only a few quick strokes I begin to come. The wonderful
warm feeling starts inside me an explodes outward as I
scream with pleasure and dig my nails into your shoulders.

With your hard shaft still inside me I collapse forward on
top of you, pressing my breasts into your chest. You hold me
tight and kiss me, our bodies entwined and merged. Then you
roll us over into the missionary position and begin to fuck
me in earnest. I let out sharp cries of passion with each
firm thrust as your cock fills the inside of my pussy. Soon
I am coming again, and then you are too, filling me with
loads of your hot sticky jism.

After our mutual climax you move off of me and roll to my
side. I glance over to the clock on the nightstand and
notice the time. 12:01. We rang in the New Year together in
a state of orgasmic bliss.

Once we’ve had a chance to relax and recover, we break out
the champagne. When you open the bottle the bubbly sprays
all over, splashing on our naked bodies. When we’ve each
finished a glass we turn our attention to cleaning each
other off–with our tongues. You pay special attention to my
large, firm breasts, licking and sucking on them far more
than needed to clean up the champagne.

We finish off the bottle of champagne and then fall into a
blissful sleep in each other’s arms. We part in the
morning, but not before making plans to meet up again next
month. I’ll be counting the days!