[ Part 2 of a young white couple seeking to escape the confines of what was formerly known as a monogamous relationship! ]


When I first saw Tara I never thought she’d be the slightest interested in me—as a ‘boyfriend’ sort of relationship. In fact, I’d never really had an actual girlfriend before. I’d once been infatuated by one particular girl I used to know, but she got married, had a baby, and that was that. And then I saw Tara.

She worked a place I would go for lunch on lunch break, and I kept looking at her, and she’d smile at me, and in a kind of flirtatious manner; and that excited me. But I didn’t think anything would ever really come of it. I told myself that I had nothing to really offer Tara; and yet, I really liked her a lot.

Then one day, as I was setting in the restaurant eating lunch, Tara came up and asked if she could set with me while she ate her lunch as well; and I was more than thrilled!

And that’s how we started ‘dating’, I guess you could call it.

I found it amazingly easy to open up to Tara, and she and I talked about all sorts of things; sex being one of them. As we talked I just told her all sorts of things about myself I would have otherwise kept to myself. For instance, I told her I’d never had sex before (except for watching porn, which I did a lot of, and masturbation). “I’m a ‘virgin’ in that sense,” I said; and she gave me the friendliest smile.

I asked her if she had had sex, and if so, how much. She didn’t hesitate for a second to answer. I found out she was quite experienced at sex. She told me that she had quite a lot of sexual experiences, and a number of different guys; and the last three such experiences had been with black guys.

As she said that, my penis started to stiffen. I’d told her I watched a lot of porn, but I hadn’t told her that I watched almost exclusively ‘interracial’ porn; but suddenly, it seemed important for me to tell her this, and I did.

She smiled. “So, me fucking black guys doesn’t turn you off?”

“Oh no!” I replied, without hesitation. “I think that’s really hot.”


“Oh yes!” I said, feeling my heart rate increasing as I started revealing to Tara my own attitudes towards this. In fact, since I’d already made that clear to her, I decided to confide to her that I loved watching interracial porn to the point of near exclusiveness; and as I did, she smiled even more.

“I know quite a few white guys that like watching that sort of porn,” she said after a moment. “You are NOT the only one, I can assure you.”

“So, if I can ask: What about black guys do you like the most?”