[ For Robert, who understands ‘his place’ in the natural scheme of things, and rather than fighting it, ignoring it, denying it, has embraced the liberating truth. This is for you, Robert (and any other guy who also ascribes to the beta lifestyle)! ]

Robert sat nearby and watched in silence as Tara and another guy (a slightly older black guys she had known before meeting Robert) were fucking.

Robert had watched, with beating heart, as Tara had lowered herself down onto the impressively large, and amazingly thick black cock head—and as he watched, it pushed aside her wet pussy lips, wedging them apart as she lowered herself down, and down, and on down the full length of it. The sight was so incredibly exhilarating to him; and he felt his considerably smaller pink penis stiffen (as best it could considering he was wearing a chastity cage), and even though the ring that encircled his balls, as well as his cock shaft pressed firmer the more of an erection he had, the ‘discomfort’ also held a curious form of pleasure!

Robert found himself equally attracted to the sight of Tara’s pussy, as well as towards the ample-sized black cock that was moving deep within her. He was focused on the sight of this and unable to turn away from it. He was utterly and completely fascinated by it. The other guy had a truly awesome cock. There was no way of denying that. Robert, on the other hand, was well aware that he, himself, had no where near the size of cock this other guy had; and yet, he did not feel resentment—envy? Yes. But not resentment.

Robert reached down and gave his caged cock and balls some brief attention by fondling them, and as he did, he glanced down and saw the opaque pink plastic of the device glittering in the light, and as he saw himself like that, he felt that strange, but wonderous, feeling he had since he’d begun wearing it for Tara.

Then his attention was drawn back to the sight of Tara’s pussy taking the increasingly urgent thrusts of the black guys cock. Each stroke was rough, but Tara seemed to enjoy his roughness; and that made her moan loudly with each powerful thrust.

Robert felt his heart beating in his chest and in his neck as he sat and quietly watched as his girlfriend was getting such far better fucking than he could have ever hoped to give her himself; and this was where he derived the most pleasure it seemed—seeing Tara enjoying such an incredibly huge black cock. As for himself, he had no intention in ever attempting to fuck Tara himself! With such a small penis—it would have been a laughable, and even pathetic attempt, at what he already knew was ridiculous to even consider!

Tara was aware of that as well. She preferred BIG cocks. Big and very, very BLACK cocks, at that; and Robert had neither characteristic. Yet, she liked Robert. He was an interesting person. They’d met where she worked; got to talking; and they eventually started dating. However, she soon found out that Robert was not ‘equipped’ in the way she preferred; but she still liked his company just the same. So, rather than fucking, Robert seemed to prefer spending his time with her licking her pussy (something he’d seen in on-line porn, but had never been with a woman in order to do that)! He was very good at it, too. ‘Enthusiastic’ would be the word for it, and Tara enjoyed that. Sometimes he would masturbate after words, but sometimes he’d wait to do that later at home. The situation seemed perfectly suited to the both of them.