Lil glares at Rose and Rose’s parents are none the wiser.

POV: Lil”Rose!” Kate yelled from the table facing Rose’s room. “Dinner is ready!”

I suddenly peeked towards the hallway that led to the bedrooms and instantly began licking my lips. ‘Now the twenty-year-old goddess is coming,’ I thought before my right hand nonchalantly made the trip under my skirt.

I just sat there with my eyes on the 6 x 10-foot opening, awaiting Rose’s arrival.

‘There she is, a dazzling brunette, with great breasts, a perfect smile and of course that phenomenal body. That one that made my hand come in my panties, and is making me vibrate now,’ I thought as she walked into the dining room with us. ‘Oh, Kate, you gave birth to one sexy chick,’ I thought before I drooled a little bit.

“Hey, Mom, hey, Dad,” she greeted them before she sat down across from me. “And hi, Lil, how are you doing?” she pondered, peeking at me.

‘Quit staring at her tits, stop it,’ I thought, biting my lip.

Then my head slanted up. “I’m fine, Rose, you are looking good.”

“Yes, that’s the word that fits here,” Chase pointed out, glancing at her. “Hun, are you really gonna sit at the dinner table with a guest wearing a tank top and gym shorts? Can’t you put a t-shirt on, at least for Lil’s sake? She is like a second mom to you, so go put something on, Rose.”

“Dad,” Rose whined, looking at him. “Lil has seen me slightly underdressed before; it isn’t anything to get upset about, okay? It is not like I’m making her feel uncomfortable. You let your guard down when it comes to family, even though she isn’t genetically related to me, I don’t kiss her ass or treat her differently from mom.”

I viewed her crack again. ‘I’m not uncomfortable, none whatsoever, in fact, Chase. Your daughter is one sexy chick, and I love seeing whatever skin she wants to show it. Hell, I’m even okay with her showing a little more. I understand why you don’t like seeing her dressed like that, but I certainly love the sight sitting a few feet in front of me,’ I thought before I squinted at her boobs. ‘Shucks, she is one lucky bitch. I’ve never even been with a woman, but yet, I’m rubbing my pussy with both of your parents just within sniffing distance of me.’

“Well, Lil?” Kate asked in a tone while glancing at me. “Do you have anything to say?”

I gazed at her for a moment as neither of us spoke a word. Although, Kate moved her head towards Rose a couple of times.

I studied Rose for another moment and did my best not to cheese. ‘I can only guess she wants me to say something negative about Rose’s outfit, but to hell with that. Fuck me; I want your daughter so badly right now, Kate. I don’t think I’ll ever tell you or her about my lust, but every time I see her, I seem to want her a little more.’