Rules for obedient sissies:

Rules for obedient sissies

1. A real sissy whore is always ready to be fucked at anytime and anywhere
2. A real sissy whore shows sissy clitty and cunt at every opportunity
3. A real sissy whore begs to be fucked hard
4. A real sissy whore sucks anything that’s offered
5. A real sissy whore must be prepared to be fucked in any position
6. A real sissy whore does as told no matter how dirty and low the task
7. A real sissy whore plays with herself as instructed for others amusement
8. A real sissy whore loves being felt up in public
9. A real sissy whore moans loudly, especially when allowed to cum
10. A real sissy whore licks cunt and ass and sucks cock and gets horny at the prospect of doing so frequently
11. A real sissy whore has her panties round her ankles and her skirt tucked up around her waist to show her pussy and sissy clitty and have her mouth gagged when washing-up
12. A real sissy whore must look pretty at all times

Rules for obedient sissies 2

Weekday Duties
1. Wake-up and put on collar with cuffs and secure metal day collar in place (it is removed for sleeping)
2. Charge Owners mobile phone
3. Prepare Owners breakfast
4. Do morning pilates stretches
5. Prepare Owners lunch for work
6. Wash-up breakfast
7. Clean toilet and sink
8. Wish Owner a good day and send Her a text to advise what underwear i will be wearing
9. If Monday hoover flat, if Tuesday mop floor or if Wednesday polish floor in maids outfit
10. Put on pretty kickers and a bra (if a Wednesday or Friday) but no knickers on a Monday and text Owner to advise what wearing
11. Dress for the day (feminine clothes always to be worn unless a suit is required – extremely rare)
12. Shower and apply make-up
13. Get ready for work, remove leather collar and cuffs but keep metal day collar in place and commence work either at home or head into office
14. Work during day and respond to and comply with any of Owners instructions
15. When working from home complete exercises as per Owners instructions at lunch time
16. Change into skirt and re-attach leather collar and cuffs when Owner due home
17. Place dildo on floor and pull down knickers and kneel down and fellate dildo at top of stairs when Owner returns from work
18. Depending on time of arrival back from work prepare dinner and wash-up
19. Clean and tidy in flat and study some Spanish
20. When cold make a hot water bottle for Owner and pre-warm the bed before She gets in
21. Offer Owner a foot massage
22. When Owner goes to bed change into nightie and remove metal day collar (worn at all times except in bed)

Rules for obedient sissies 3

Weekend Duties, as per weekday except
1. Wear make-up and bra, knickers and girly outfit at all times
2. Complete any additional cleaning, washing, tidying as required
3. Do some baking (depending on what doing at weekend)
4. Offer Owner a pedicure
5. Clean and polish Owners shoes
6. Check fridge and remove items past use by date and update shopping list
7. Go shopping dress femme
8. Change towels in bathroom