Salem, Oregon - ORAL ALL-STAR
I must say that the people of Oregon were some of the nicest people I’ve met in all of my travels. However, during my stay in the capital of Oregon, Salem, I met perhaps the most friendly girl in the state, Stephanie Wilson. Stephanie was reserved but at the same time a bit playful which made her very intriguing to me.

It stated when I checked into my hotel downtown for a weekend of visiting with friends. Stephanie was working as a housekeeper and was hanging out at the front desk when I arrived. She was quiet as I checked in but I could feel her looking at me and I looked up and gave her a quick smile. I thought nothing of it as I headed off to my room on the third floor to get settled in for the night. As is customary when I travel, I always need more towels so I called down to the desk to have some sent up. A knock on the door and there is Stephanie with my towels. I thank her and have her enter as I go to receive a tip for her making the trip to my room. However, all I had on me at the time was $100 bill in which she responded “That would buy the two of us a few drinks at the bar.” with a laugh which I responded “I’m game if you are.”

Since her shift was over we headed out to a bar down the street from the hotel which was across the street from her apartment. We immediately started hammering down shots of tequila and in no time were feeling good. She was now out of her bar stool and standing between my legs, leaning back against me in my bar stool as we took shots together as she would occasionally turn her head to kiss me. After a few more shots her left hand found its way behind her as she started to rub my cock as she held full on conversations with the people at the bar. It was clear that she was a regular here as the owner bought us a couple shots himself. This girl was talented to say the least. Standing there rubbing a cock in secret while having conversations with people all around the bar was impressive. I liked her style to say the least!

After a few more shots, one of her girlfriends arrived at the bar and started drinking with us. Stephanie grabbed the girl by the back of the head and aggressively made out with her at the bar as the entire place went crazy for them. Drinks started pouring in from every where as the guys wanted to see more of the show. It was pretty awesome to have front row seats to these two making out basically on my lap. Her friend looked at me and said with a wink “I’m sorry we are using your lap as a stage… I’m Heather.” I laughed and said “NOT A PROBLEM!!”